Achievements (achievements, trophies) Sonic Forces

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Sonic Forces

  • A Sonic Hero

Get all trophies

  • A New Story Begins

Complete Stage 1

  • Your Own Story

Make an Avatar

  • Sextuple Trouble

Defeat Zavok

  • Infinite Possibilities

Exile Infinite

  • Mean Egg Machine

Exile Eggman

  • For the Future

Free the world

  • Courage in Hand

Expel Infinite again

  • Hope / Hope

Change the conflict situation

  • Bonds of Friendship

Defeat Infinite

  • Saved the World

Bring peace back to the world

  • Sonic and the Secret Stages

Complete all secret stages

  • Sonic EXtreme

Complete all additional stages

  • Reach for the Red Stars

Collect all Red Star Rings

  • Sonic Teaches Numbers

Find 3 Number Rings

  • Don’t Lose Count

Find all number rings

  • Silver Moon Mania / Silver Moon Mania

Collect Silver Moon Rings 3 times

  • Our Rings are Your Rings

Collect all Silver Moon Rings.

  • Ring Enthusiast

Find a total of 10,000 rings (All rings that the player owns by the end of the level will be counted)

  • Ring Collector

Find a total of 50,000 rings (All rings that the player owns by the end of the level will be counted)

  • Ring King

Find a total of 100,000 rings (All rings that the player owns by the end of the level will be counted)

  • Fighter

Defeat 1000 enemies

  • Warrior

Defeat 5000 enemies

  • General / General

Defeat 10,000 enemies

  • Hooked on Wispons

Change Wispons for the first time

  • Way Past Cool

Equipped with a piece in each slot

  • Running in Style

Apply wardrobe

  • On a Roll

Soldier Excellence Reached

  • Insignia / Honor Roll

Achieved top honors in all races

  • Global Allies

Apply the rental Avatar feature

  • Rivalry Begins

Get into the rating

  • A New Beginning

Make your own Avatar

  • Sonic Blaster

Find 10 Wispons

  • Sonic Jammer

Collect 30 Wispons

  • Sonic Battler

Find All Wispons

  • Dresser / Outfitter

Find 50 pieces

  • Stylish hedgehog / Style Hog

Find 100 pieces

  • Fashion Unleashed

Find 500 pieces

  • The entire collection / You Got Them All

Find all parts

  • Everyday Enthusiast

Complete 3 Daily Quests.

  • Consistency Fan / Daily Devotee

Complete 5 daily quests.

  • Constant Connoisseur

Complete 10 daily quests.

  • Super Sonic Rescue

Complete the first SOS mission.

  • Freedom Fighter

Complete 5 SOS Missions

  • Nameless Hero

Complete 10 SOS missions

  • Always Comes to the Rescue / Up for Any Challenge

Complete all cup missions

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