World of Tanks: Tiger (P) guide

Guide to the pumpable TT-7 in Germany – Tiger (P). Vehicle history, review of performance characteristics and tactics, pumping, pros and cons of the tank

Hello tankers!

At the moment, World of Tanks features seven nations and a little less than five hundred armored vehicles, each of which is unique in its own way. Some nations and tanks were added recently, and some have existed since the very start of the game. One of the very first was the branch of the legendary and indestructible “Mouse”, on the seventh level of which there is a very interesting Tiger (P) tank , and today we will talk about it.

Historical reference

Two competing design bureaus, Porsche and Henschel, were simultaneously developing a variant of the heavy tank. In the winter of 1942, the production of prototypes began, which were named VK 4501 (P) (Porsche) and VK 4501 (H) (Henschel). Prototypes were shown to Hitler on April 20, 1942 (on the Fuhrer’s birthday), and demonstration firing was carried out on purpose. Both samples showed excellent results, and no decision was made to select a sample for serial production. Hitler insisted on the parallel production of both types, the military leadership leaned towards the Henschel car, while the Fuehrer was closer to the Porsche version.

The tests continued in April – June, while the Nibelungenwerke company began assembling the first serial Porsche Tigers. But the plans collapsed on June 23, 1942, since at a meeting with Hitler it was decided to have in mass production only one type of heavy tank, which was the Henschel machine. The reason for this is considered to be problems with the electromechanical transmission of the Porsche tank, which requires a large amount of scarce copper, as well as the low power reserve of the tank and the need to deploy serial production of engines for it. A certain role was also played by the conflict between Ferdinand Porsche, who lost the patronage of Reich Minister Fritz Todt, and the German Armament Directorate. As a result, only 10 vehicles were built, of which only one was experimental. However, in the future, on the basis of the tank PzKpfw VI “Tiger” (P)the heavy self-propelled artillery unit (ACS) Ferdinand was created , 90 units in total. At that time, it was the most powerful self-propelled gun in the world and the first combat vehicle with an armor thickness of 200 mm.

Photo of the only prototype produced

Analysis of the performance characteristics of the tank

A detailed review of the performance characteristics is given below, here we will also talk about the main and most important characteristics.

Full list of tank performance characteristics

Armor protection. As planned, in your hands should be a strong and impenetrable tank, which is much stronger than an ordinary tiger. However, everything is relative, and it is stronger than the first “Tiger”, but the declared thickness of the armor plates is here only in two planes (straight and inclined sheet VLD). The turned corps confidently copes with the shells of classmates, however, tanks of the eighth level, and even more so the ninth, penetrate us quite easily. In addition, the “cheeks” of the tower at Tiger (P)not only have a thickness of only 80 mm, but are also located at an angle, which also makes it difficult to “tank” with a rhombus, since it will not be difficult to target them. Tower reservations are also controversial. The gun’s mask is a solid screen, but it is often pierced, sometimes even by vehicles of a lower level. But this is not the most important thing, because the huge commander’s cupola is deservedly considered the main problem of the tower. In other words, the Tiger (P) heavy tank is a strange object, it seems to have armor in its forehead, but it does not seem to be.

Firepower. The tank is equipped with a very comfortable 8.8 cm Kw.K. 43 L / 71, which has excellent penetration, good one-time damage of 240 HP and characteristic German accuracy.

The main AP shells provide a penetration rate of 203 mm, as already mentioned, an excellent indicator, which means that, often, you can save on premium ammunition even against vehicles of a higher level. For especially strong eights and nines, which, alas, we also get to, we need “gold” BP shells with a penetration of 237 mm, which is also quite good. The last type of ammunition is land mines with a penetration rate of 44 mm and an alpha of 295 units.

The accuracy of the gun is 0.33 m per 100 m – a good indicator for the heavy, the aiming time in the runoff is quite long: 2.7 s. The minimum aiming time with equipment, a trained crew and consumables is 2.32 s. In the stock state, loading the gun takes 8.22 seconds, with a “full minced meat” in just 6.8 seconds.

The declination angles are mediocre: -6 ° down and 17 ° up, which makes it difficult to fire in hilly terrain.

Dynamics. Everything is pretty sad here. Weighing 62 t, the 2x Porsche Typ 100/3 engine with 670 hp provides a specific power of 10.8 hp / t and accelerates to 35 km / h forward and 12 km / h rear move, which is pretty mediocre. In addition, the tank rotates sluggishly on the spot – 22.95 ° / s.

Detection. A baseline view of 380 m is a good indicator at Tier VII, and besides, it can be easily improved by equipment and by pumping the crew up to 439 m with “full stuffing”.

The camouflage is typical for Tier VII TTs, the tank is large and long, so it won’t be difficult to spot us, in other words, it’s still a TT, which, tanking head-on, and so will always be in the “light”.

Pumping. Tiger (P) is researched after VK30.01 (P) for 45,100 XP . First of all, you should open the chassis to install heavier modules, then the gun and turret. The engine, which will correct the situation with dynamics, as well as the radio will be investigated on other, including previous, tanks of the nation.

Choice of equipment, consumables and crew perks

Crew pumping. This perk setup will improve all the strengths of the vehicle:

  • Commander:“Bulb”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Repair”, “Eagle Eye”
  • Gunner:“Repair”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Smooth Turret Rotation”, “Sniper”
  • Mekhvod:“Repair”, “Battle brotherhood”, “Smooth ride”, “King of the off-road”
  • Radio operator:“Repair”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Radio Intercept”, “Inventor”
  • Loader:Repair, Combat Brotherhood, Proximity Ammo Rack, Desperate

Choice of equipment. For this tank, I recommend the following set of equipment: “aiming drives” to improve the aiming time, “ventilation”, which increases the general parameters of the crew, and “rammer”, which increases the rate of fire. Such a kit will enhance the advantages of the tank and increase the comfort of the game.

The choice of shells. The ammunition load of our tank contains 68 shells, I can say with confidence that this will be enough for almost any battle, even at the bottom of the list. In what ratio each of you will decide on your own to compose the BC, I can only recommend such a set of shells:

Set-up of shells for playing in random (BB / BP / HE):

  • “Heavy tank in the top”– 50/15/3
  • “Heavy tank at the bottom of the list”– 40/25/3

Choice of equipment. The set of equipment is typical for any tank – a repair kit , a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher .

Information window about our car

Tank tactics and tips

Based on the above characteristics, as well as taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of our German, the style of play on him is radically different depending on which battle we got into. The first, and most successful for you, scenario is “top”. When it comes to fighting at the top of the list, combat tactics boil down to the familiar expression: dominate, rule, and humiliate. As befits a heavy tank, we can safely crawl into the very heat of battle and, holding back the enemy with our armor, distribute shells to everyone who wants to, be sure to turn the hull, and go into cover for the duration of reloading. The armor will forgive some mistakes, and it will be possible to penetrate the red hordes advancing on you almost by “shooting at the silhouette”.

But if we get the second option, and we find ourselves at the “bottom” of the list, then our heavy German friend immediately turns from a terrible destruction machine into a much less formidable, modest support tank. Here many, very many, almost everything will easily break through us, even a high-level LT that harmlessly inspects the surroundings, and for this reason it is better to stay behind the backs of stronger comrades who always come to the rescue and kindly take all the damage into themselves, playing the role of support and giving out damage after defusing the enemy. It is not worth bragging about 200 mm of frontal armor here and certainly not crawling with all available speed into the first rows of the attack, unless of course you want to quickly change the tank or go to eat.

By the way, at long distances, the battle can be conducted no less effectively, the gun of the “Tiger”, as befits any German, is well-aimed and allows you to target the enemy’s vulnerable points. And thanks to good penetration, the crew of almost any enemy tank will appreciate the power of your ammunition, both armor-piercing and sub-caliber. Everything is extremely simple here, we find a bush that you really like, preferably a larger one, we settle down more comfortably, and voila, you are a tank destroyer, big, scary and awkward, but still.

But in any case, you should always monitor the situation around you and not lose your vigilance. It is forbidden to engage in battle with superior enemy forces in the absence of an advantageous position, because our tank, as we remember, is clumsy, large and slow. Neither you to fight off the annoying LT – it will simply spin, nor to go into desperate flight – there is neither speed nor dynamics. Based on this, it should be understood that the choice of direction must be done deliberately, the maneuver to change the flank will often be impossible.


  • accurate and rapid-fire top gun;
  • good overview;
  • large margin of safety;
  • decent armor penetration;


  • poor driving performance;
  • low turret rotation speed;
  • angular shape of the tank (the probability of a ricochet is lower);
  • small one-time damage of the top gun compared to other nations;

As a result, we have the following: Tiger (P) is a car worthy of its development branch, perfectly demonstrating its gameplay features, and gradually bringing the essence of armor into the gameplay. The tank is quite interesting, versatile, and very dependent on the level of battle, but, like most vehicles of its level, it is a checkpoint tank. It will not give you a lot of trouble, and it will not make you regret choosing this particular branch of research, moreover, both a beginner and even more an experienced player can easily cope with it. The main thing is to wisely approach the choice of positions, evaluate your abilities, and not forget about the advantages and disadvantages of the machine.

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