List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Aer: Memories of Old

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Aer: Memories of Old.

  • Pilgrim / Pilgrim

Explore the Lands of the Gods

  • Light at the end of the tunnel

Escape from the crumbling cave

  • People’s Haven

Complete the Twilight Refuge level

  • Knowledge for Power

Complete level Archive

  • Mausoleum of Ice

Complete the Monastery level

  • Equilibrium

Finish the game

  • Attuned to the spirits

Communicate with all spirit animals

  • Cartographer

Open all locations on the map

  • Mama? / Mama?

Lamba cub like

  • Hide and Seek

Find Erin when she is missing

  • Baa from the past

Discover Ancient Lamba

  • An uninvited guest

Discover Crab Island

  • In the belly of the beast

Find the bones of an old monster

  • Gaze into the abyss

Locate the Cult of the Rupture dwellings

  • Memorial

Discover an ancient battlefield

  • Written in stone

Find a carved stone map

  • Vulture Sanctuary / Condor condo

Discover a huge bird sanctuary

  • Tails of Stone

Discover the fox statue

  • Antlers of Stone

Discover the Deer Statue

  • Wings of Stone

Discover the Heron Statue

  • Ripples on the surface.
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