List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Dandara

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Dandara

  • Unlocked Alll Trophies

Get all trophies

  • A new hope has awakened! / A new hope has awakened!

Embark on Dandara’s journey of Soli

  • Stories of Freedom

Finish the game

  • The Creation Side

Save the village and discover the Stone of Creation

  • Memory / Remember

Make your way through the desert in search of the Memory Stone

  • The Intention Side

Inspect the fortress and obtain the Stone of Intent

  • The Secret of the Dreams

Discover the Pearl of Dreams

  • “Just to get smashed.”

Defeat August and save the captured village

  • Wide open face, hidden heart

Defeat Belia and soften an old petrified heart

  • Salt’s Realization

Defeat Eldar and save Salt from his tyranny

  • The Treasure Hunter

Find all chests in the game

  • The Salt Leaper

Visit every corner of Sali

  • The Completionist

Complete the game by visiting each location and opening all the chests!

  • Seasoned Explorer

Finish the game with over 85% of the chests open

  • Do not touch! / No Hand Holding

Finish the game with no more than 35% of the chests open

  • No distractions! / No Distractions

Finish the game in less than 75% of locations

  • Beat the Developers

Be faster and complete the game in less than 1 hour 17 minutes

  • Speedruning Novice

Complete the game in less than 2 hours

  • In the mercy of Salt

Drag over 8000 units of Salt supplication at a time

  • In the favor of Salt

Drag over 13,000 units of Salt supplication at a time

  • In the command of Salt

Drag over 20,000 units of Salt supplication at a time


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