List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR

Main game

  • Platinum Trophy

To receive this trophy, you need to get all 50 prizes

  • To freedom! / Unbound

Complete the quest “To Freedom!”

  • Bleak Falls Barrow

Complete the mission “Windy Peak”

  • The Way of the Voice

Complete the mission “The Way of the Voice”

  • Diplomatic Immunity

Complete the mission “Diplomatic Immunity”

  • Alduin’s Wall

Complete the quest “Alduin’s Wall”

  • Elder Knowledge

Complete the quest “Ancient Knowledge”

  • The Fallen

Complete the mission “The Fallen”

  • Dragonslayer

Complete the quest “Dragon Slayer”

  • To arms! / Take Up Arms

Join the Companions

  • Blood Oath

Become a member of the Circle

  • Glory of the Dead

Complete the mission “The Last Duty”

  • Step to Knowledge / Gatekeeper

Join the College of Winterhold

  • Revealing the Unseen

Complete the quest “Opening the Invisible”

  • The Eye of Magnus

Complete the mission “The Eye of Magnus”

  • Taking Care of Business

Join the Thieves Guild

  • Darkness Returns

Complete the mission “The Return of Twilight”

  • One with the Shadows

Bring back the greatness of the Thieves Guild

  • Deadly / With Friends Like These …

Join the Dark Brotherhood

  • Bound Until Death

Complete the quest “Until Death Do Us Part”

  • Glory to Sithis! / Hail Sithis!

Complete the quest “Glory to Sithis!”

  • Taking Sides

Choose side of the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Legion

  • War Hero

Retake Fort Sangard or Fort Greenwall

  • Hero of Skyrim

Fight off Solitude or Windhelm

  • Sideways! / Sideways

Complete 10 side missions

  • Hero of the People

Complete 50 Minor Missions

  • Hard Worker

Do the work in the sawmill, in the mine and in the kitchen

  • Distinguished Thief / Thief

Pick 50 locks and pick 50 pickpockets

  • Golden Words / Snake Tongue

Successfully commit bribery, persuasion, and intimidation

  • Blessed

Receive the blessing of the Guardian Stone

  • Standing Stones

Find 13 Guardian Stones

  • Citizen

Buy a house

  • Wanted! / Wanted

Escape from jail

  • Married

Tie the knot

  • Jack of all trades / Artificer

Make an item in the forge, enchant an item and create a potion

  • Master Criminal

Make your head bounty 1000 gold in each of the 9 areas

  • There is never too much! / Golden Touch

Get 100,000 Gold

  • The Voyage of the Depths / Delver

Complete 50 dungeons

  • Skill Master

Upgrade skill to 100

  • Explorer / Explorer

Discover 100 different locations

  • Bookman / Reader

Read 50 skill books

  • Daedric Influence

Find Daedric Artifact

  • Oblivion Walker

Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

  • Dragon Soul

Collect Dragon Soul

  • Dragon Hunter

Collect 20 Dragon Souls

  • Words of Power

Learn all three words of any cry

  • Thu’um Master

Learn 20 Shouts

  • Apprentice

Reach level 5

  • Adept

Reach level 10

  • Expert / Expert

Reach level 25

  • Master / Master

Reach level 50

Dawnguard add-on

  • Awakening

Complete the quest “Awakening”

  • Beyond Death

Complete the quest “Beyond Death”

  • Family Court / Kindred Judgment

Complete the quest “Family Court”

  • Lost to the Ages

Complete the quest “Lost in the Ages”

  • Soul Tear

Learn all three words of the Soul Rip Shout

  • Auriel’s Bow

Apply the special power of Auriel’s bow

  • Werewolf Mastered

Learn 11 werewolf abilities

  • Vampire Mastered

Learn 11 Vampire Abilities

  • My new “I” / A New You

Change your face

  • Legend

Defeat the legendary dragon

Hearthfire add-on

  • Proud Parent

Adopt a child

  • Landowner

Purchase a piece of land

  • Architect / Architect

Make three wings of the house

  • Land Baron

Purchase three plots of land

  • Famous Architect / Master Architect

Make three houses

Dragonborn add-on

  • Outlander

Get to Solstheim

  • The Temple of Miraak

Complete the mission “Temple of Mirak”

  • The Path of Knowledge

Complete the quest “The Path of Knowledge”

  • At the Summit of Apocrypha

Complete the quest “At the Top of the Apocrypha”

  • Dragon Aspect

Learn all 3 words of Dragon Incarnation Shout

  • Hidden Knowledge

Learn the secrets of the 5 Black Books

  • Stalhrim Crafter

Craft a Stalhrim Item

  • Dragonrider / Dragonrider

Train and fly 5 dragons

  • Raven Rock Owner

Become the master of the house in Raven Rock

  • Solstheim Explorer

Discover 30 locations on Solstheim Island


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