List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) World of Warriors

  • Best of the Best / Master of Masters

Get all trophies

  • Complete Army

Unlock all warriors and bosses

  • League Leader

Win 5 league victories in a row

  • Tournament fighter / Master of the Tournament

Complete Tournament Mode

  • Legendary

Reach player level 50

  • Nothing more to Do

Get all tournament stars

  • Among the Best

Play for the first time in the 2nd Rare Division

  • Finally At The Top / At Last Among the Elite!

Play for the first time in the 1st Legendary Division

  • The Prelude of the Greatest

Play for the first time in the 1st Regular Division

  • Experienced trainer / Expert Trainer

Get any warrior to level 50

  • The First of Many

Obtain at least 1 amulet in the league.

  • The Best Offense, Good Defense

Parry three times in a single round of league combat

  • Legendary Warrior

Unlock the first legendary warrior

  • Perseverance

Win 3 League wins in a row.

  • Cabinets Full of Talismans

Craft 1 amulet of each type of amulets

  • Invincible

Win 4 League wins in a row

  • Your First Warrior

Unlock the first warrior

  • A Good Apprentice

Complete the training

  • Path to Glory

Unlock Tournament Mode

  • Warriors Trainer

Level up for the first time

  • Rage of the Elements

Defeat a Warrior while in Elemental Fury

  • Falling Deep

Defeat a warrior by pushing him out of the arena

  • Teamwork / Teamwork

Apply team mechanics for the first time

  • Jester / Jester

Laughing at the enemy: provoke him three times in a fight

  • Master of Wards / Talismans Blacksmith

Craft your first ward at the forge

  • Potions Brewer

Prepare the first elixir

  • New Horizons

Unlock the first available areas (Midnight Forest and Sea of ​​Night)

  • Unexpected Allies

Defeat the first pair of leaders and add them to your inventory

  • Walking to the Division I

Win your first league battle

  • The Good Samaritan

Resurrect an ally in battle

  • The Fury of the Elements

Enter Elemental Fury for the first time.

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