Remothered: Tormented Fathers Walkthrough

Remothered: Tormented Fathers indie horror full walkthrough

Indie Horror Remothered: Tormented Fathersbegins with the fact that the main character arrives at a certain mansion to talk to its owner. Leaving the car, we turn onto the path on the left side and go forward until we see the entrance to the estate on the right. After examining the figure located near the gate, a cutscene will begin, after which we can get inside. Having appeared in this way in the garden, first of all we go up the steps, where we turn left and go to the door, which is located at the end. On the spot we find out that we will not be able to get into the building this way. The required entrance is located on the opposite side of the mansion, which we can reach by going around the house on the left side. Knocking on the wooden doors, at the threshold we will soon be met by the nurse of Mr. Felton, the owner of the house, who will escort us to him. In the office, we go to the table and take out a newspaper clipping from the drawer, after which a cut-scene will begin, at the end of which the heroine will be expelled from the house. But, as is usually the case, she does not intend to leave empty-handed, so she secretly sneaks into the mansion again.

From this point on, the main game begins. Once in the corridor of the first floor, the first thing we need to do is find the source of the music that comes from somewhere above. We step forward along the corridor and rise to the second floor. Then we turn to the right and continue moving in a straight line until we come to a section of the corridor, at the end of which there will be a mirror (by the way, it is used as a first aid kit, and also allows you to save the current progress). Soon a cut-scene will begin, after which we will need to hide in the closet that stands near the bed. Having thus avoided an unwanted meeting with the owner of the house, we get out of the closet and make the first attempt to leave the mansion (unsuccessful, of course).

So, from now on, we will not wander around the house alone, but in the company of the creepy Mr. Felton. The enemy compensates for some of his blindness with excellent hearing, therefore he is able to hear our steps (namely, running) even from another floor. So we try to move either at a step or bending down. However, it is permissible to make short dashes on the carpets, which slightly drown out the steps of the main character. Before leaving Mrs. Felton’s bedroom, you should look into her bathroom. On the spot, first of all, we study the drain, in which, as it turns out, some important object is stuck, which we have to pull out a little later. Next, we get from the hanging robe the key to the corridor on the first floor(the entrance to it is located on the right side of the stairs). However, first we need to return to the front doors of the house (through which we, in fact, entered).

After making sure that the main entrance is blocked, we now need to find another way to get out of the house. The first step towards this will be to view the film on Dr. Felton’s projector located in his office on the second floor (double doors, next to which there are marble statues). In order to activate the device, we need to get two things: a film and a battery… First, we go for the film. To do this, go to the opposite end of the corridor from the central entrance, where we unlock the doors with the found key (to do this, go to the object of interaction, open the inventory and, having selected the desired item, click on the “Use” button). Having gained access to the corridor of the first floor, we notice a large clock ahead. A little later we will have to return to them. On the spot, we turn left along the corridor and go into the dining room. There, behind the table, we find a candelabrum lying around, from which we take out a metal cable . After we leave back into the corridor and step along it in the same direction to the door leading to the kitchen. On the spot, we notice the oven, in which the film from the projector will lie. But first you need to get a pen for it…. Fortunately, it is located in the same room, on the top shelf near the refrigerator (see screenshot).

Also in this part of the kitchen on the table we will find a plunger with which we can get an important item from the drain in the bath. So, after inserting the found handle into the oven and opening the door, we take out the film from there , after which we return to Mrs. Felton’s bathroom. Using the plunger for its intended purpose, we will find out that the key to the watch is actually an important item.mentioned above. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to snatch it from the heroine in time, so the item will end up in the drain in the laundry (we get there by going down the main staircase). Having reached the place, the first thing we do is try to lift the heavy grate with our own hands. Having accepted the fact that we will not succeed, then we connect the grate and the nearby forklift with the found metal cable. After that we rise to the second floor to Mrs. Felton’s bedroom. Near the entrance to the premises, we notice a forklift connected to the one in the laundry. Alas, an attempt to tear off the grate with a lift led to the fact that the lights in the whole house suddenly went out. Therefore, after taking the key, we will then need to return the power supply to the building. We will find the generator on the ground floor near the front doors of the house.

Now we go to the hours mentioned above. We insert the key extracted with blood and then into the dial and take out the battery from the bottom panelfor the projector. A modest QTE will suddenly follow, as a result of which we will avoid the sad fate of being buried under a pile of planks. So, having on hand all the necessary items, we step into Mr. Felton’s office, where we study the recording on the projector. As a result of some subsequent events, the heroine will find herself in a not very enviable position. Being nailed to the wall with a hook, we need to alternately press LMB and RMB until the heroine is free. Having reached then to the doors leading back to the corridor, we suddenly encounter a new misfortune, namely, a certain Scarlet Nun. At this moment, you have to run away and hide from her. After we successfully hide from the enemy, in the corridor we will soon meet a girl in a nightie, who will naturally run away from us. Ultimately, the stranger will hide in the loft, where we have to go. Well, first of all we step into Mrs. Felton’s bedroom and find that her body suddenly disappeared. After examining the photo lying on the bed, then we go to the closet, which will be indicated by the camera, where we pick up an umbrella from the floor, and then we return to the entrance to the loft. On the spot, lower the ladder with an umbrella and climb up.

Once upstairs, surrounded by creepy mannequins, we get to the table, lit by candles. After a short cut-scene we will meet the girl again, but this time we will run away. As a result, we find ourselves in a kind of living room, where we find our new-found acquaintance watching TV. She will direct us to some kind of fireplace, which, according to her assurances, will reveal to us the whole truth. It is located on the left side of the second floor of the estate. However, it is too early to go there immediately. First of all, we need to steal the batteries from the TV remote control.… This should be done at the moment when the girl in the nightie goes to bang the TV in order to remove the interference. Having brazenly stole the batteries, then we go to the basement, where, using the find, we start the stairs. Climbing on it, we get some oil. Well, now we go to the suspicious fireplace.

As it turned out, the fireplace hid an entire section of the mansion. After going a little forward, we come across a statue standing in the middle of the corridor. To the left of it, we notice a cart that blocks the plastered section of the wall. Using the found oil, we move the cart, and then we knock over the statue on the wall. Thus, we will find ourselves in the nursery. After we check the bathroom, a strange sound is suddenly heard in the room, coming from the left drawer of the table. Having opened a secret compartment there, we will find a dictaphone on which we listen to the recording. Soon, the ghost of Mrs. Felton will suddenly appear in the room, surrounded by ominous moths. To get out of the trap, we need to break all the mirrors in the room, while trying not to point the camera at the enemy. The location of the mirrors is shown in the screenshots below.

After all the mirrors in the room are broken, we approach the closet, behind which we find another secret passage.

As a result, we suddenly find ourselves in a collector waist-deep in water. Objective: return back to the main part of the house. Despite the fact that the path to the escape ladder leading upward will be smooth, we will not be able to reach it calmly, because throughout the entire route we have to dodge the attacks of the Scarlet Nun using one of two buttons. Ultimately we will get to an ornate wine cellar, where we have to play tense hide and seek with a girl in a nightie, armed this time with a nail gun. In a confused maze, we need to find three gates, by blocking which we can get to the door we need (one of the gates is next to it). It is especially important here not to be seen by the enemy, because there is nowhere to hide in narrow corridors. But if the enemy does catch us by surprise, we throw bottles of wine at him, pushing the F button push it aside, and then try to hide somewhere. Having finally cut off the steam supply and ran into the right door, the chase will not stop. Next, we will need to barricade the door to the room by moving the rack, and then move the similar one away from the door in front. Having tried to open it, we will soon hear a metallic clang from the fallen key. We find him near our barricade and quickly unlock the door for them.

After a successful escape, we head to the elevator on the first floor, which suddenly started working. Of course, he won’t be able to take us to the attic right away. As soon as the elevator starts to go down, first press the buttons on the panel, and then move the grate aside so that it stops. After a short cut-scene, we will receive a new task: to get to the infirmary. It is located in the corridor of the first floor, just to the right of the large clock. Having reached the place, another trouble will await us. It turns out that Gloria, who was waiting for us in the infirmary, pumped up the heroine with some kind of drug. After the first cutscene, the nurse will slowly move in our direction. In this situation, we need to throw the object in our hands into it. After examining then the note that lies on the table in front, we go out into the corridor, where we again meet Gloria. This time, we just need to step back, after which it will disappear again. Then we go to the main corridor of the house, where we will be met by Mr. Felton.

As a result of some subsequent events, we find ourselves chained to a chair in the dining room. To free ourselves, point the camera at the candelabrum, which is behind us, and then alternately press LMB and RMB. Having successfully avoided being burned alive, we go to the elevator. At some point, we will have to lift it by hand, inserting the handle found in the dining room.

Ultimately we will finally get to the attic, which is the final location in the game. Walking a little forward, we come across a button that opens the shutters on the windows. But first, we will need to get to the electrical panel in order to eliminate the short circuit. So, we pass to the end of the corridor and find on the spot a handle that opens a passage to another section of the attic. However, before interacting with him, you first need to wait for the moment when the blind Gloria is as far away as possible. Having passed through the door, and then a little forward, the enemy will suddenly jump out of the corridor to the right, so we need to run from it as fast as we can in the opposite direction. The chase will soon lead us to another small heel in the attic, where we will need to quietly move the cart blocking the gap. In this situation, we first distract Gloria by throwing an object that has turned up under the arm, and then we move the cart and squeeze into the gap. Further, the enemy will block our way to the shield. We again distract Gloria by throwing an object and finally get to the dashboard, where we turn on the light in the attic. After that, another chase awaits us, which will lead us back to the switch. After lifting the shutters, the final cutscene and end credits will follow. Completed the game.

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