Achievements (achievements, trophies) Hand of Fate 2

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Hand of Fate 2

  • Game Master

Get all trophies

  • The Fool

Complete the Jester challenge

  • Apprentice

Complete 2 challenges

  • Mercenary

Complete 5 Challenges

  • Adventurer

Complete 10 challenges

  • Protector of the Realm

Complete all 22 challenges.

  • Knight

Unlock 7 Gold Challenge Tokens

  • Dungeon Master

Unlock 22 Gold Challenge Tokens

  • Sharp / Card Sharp

Earn Big Success on 10 Card Gambits

  • Player / Gambler

Win 20 Dice Gambits

  • Metronome Man / Long Shot

Earn Big Success on 10 Pendulum Gambits

  • Dodger / Grifter

Earn Big Success on 10 Wheel Gambits

  • Jack of all Trades

Earn Success or Greater Success in Card, Pendulum, and Wheel Gambit on one challenge attempt

  • Dice Master

Win 5 Dice Gambits in one challenge attempt

  • Mage / Magician

Unlock the companion card “Magician”

  • Hero / Hero

Unlock the Hero Companion Card

  • Ally / Ally

Unlock the Ally Companion Map

  • Rebel

Unlock the Rebel satellite map

  • Ninja / Ninja

Do not take damage in 3 battles for one attempt to complete the challenge

  • Thief Bane

Defeat 50 thieves

  • Northern Scourge

Defeat 50 Northmen

  • Empire’s Bane

Defeat 50 Imperials

  • Cure for Corruption

Defeat 50 Corrupted

  • Smithy

Unlock 3 Equipment Tokens

  • Leap of Faith

Throw 5 enemies off the cliff

  • Purgatory / Purgatorium

Get 3 Sulfur Tokens

  • Experienced Player / Gamester

Win 3 games with Thomas in a single meeting

  • Money Bags

Earn 200 gold by completing the Hierophant challenge

  • Unburdened

Complete the Star Challenge without curses.

  • Brave Tailor / Focused

Defeat 5 or more enemies with one artifact use

  • Devil Dice

Get three sixes in the dice gambit

  • Master of Arms

Finish the fight in less than 15 seconds

  • Karma / Karma

Kill an assassin with the Reaper’s arrow

  • Combat Ready

Complete a challenge with all equipment types found during the challenge

  • Close Shave

Win with less than 10 life

  • Cursed Soul

Collect 7 Curses

  • Swordsman

Defeat multiple enemies with a single one-handed ability

  • Warrior / Champion

Defeat multiple enemies with a single Heavy Weapon Ability

  • Flurry of Fury

Defeat multiple enemies with a single dual light weapon ability

  • Stuffed Potato

Complete the Lovers Challenge with Ozvin fully cured.

  • Broken Heart

Defeat Ozwin’s Beloved

  • Draknar’s Bane

Defeat Draknar the Mighty

  • The death of Thomas / Thomas’ Bane

Defeat Thomas

  • Final Death

Defeat Theophilus

  • Miracle

Get “Great Success” in the “Negotiations with Thieves” meeting

  • Peaceful Coast

Complete the Empress Challenge with an Inlaid Mace.

  • Pilgrim / Pilgrim

Complete the High Priestess challenge with 10 blessings and a sacred rod

  • Smiths Honor

Complete the Strength challenge with Tournament Armor.

  • Blood Pact

Use Bloody Crescent


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