Achievements (achievements, trophies) Impact Winter

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Impact Winter

  • Impact Winter / Impact Expert

Collect all trophies in Impact Winter.

  • Day One

Survive the first day in the Wasteland

  • Day 30

Survive until the rescue timer shows zero

  • Role Expert

Unlock all roles

  • Blane’s Story

Finish Blaine’s story

  • Wendy’s Story

Finish Wendy’s story

  • Maggie’s Story

Finish Maggie’s story.

  • Christophe’s Story

Complete Christophe’s story.

  • Survival Master

Get A rank

  • Survival Novice

Get rank B

  • Trapping Novice

Trap your first prey

  • Trapping Expert

Catch beasts of all kinds in traps

  • Lock Picking Novice

Pick one lock

  • Lock Picking Master

Pick 10 locks

  • Lock Picking Expert

Pick 20 locks

  • Demoman / Explosive!

Blow up a wall or container with C4 or improvised explosives

  • Newcomer Ako-Light / Ako-Light Novice

Reach Level 1

  • Ako-Light / Ako-Light Master

Reach level 15

  • Expert Ako-Light / Ako-Light Expert

Reach level 25

  • Expert adjuster BD-750 / BD-750 Upgrade Expert

Complete all Ako-Light upgrades

  • Hiker / Campsite Expert

Upgrade the camp to the maximum

  • Furnace Expert

Upgrade the stove in the church to the maximum

  • Culinary Expert / Recipe Expert

Make recipes for all meals

  • Ultimate Survival

Wait for rescue in expert difficulty mode

  • Survival Expert

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