Hearthstone Mini-Guide: Zoo by GingaNinja

Jambre’s Zooloka at a Glance: Deck Description, Starting Hand Tips, and Strategy

About the deck

Zoolock was almost always in Hearthstone , even though he dropped out of the meta for about a year. Zoolock is a classic tempo deck that plays a large number of creatures, captures and controls the table throughout the entire game, and also deals great damage to the opponent’s character.

Deck “Zooloka”

Deck code : AAECAf0GBLasApG8ApfTApziAg0w9wSoBc4HwgjECLy2ApfBAuvCAsrDAvfNApXOAqbOAgA =

About assembly

This build uses the classic strategy of the fast Warlock archetype: casting useful creatures along the mana curve to quickly surpass the enemy. Zoolock uses a large number of cheap creatures that are incredibly useful in a deck; all 2-mana creatures have been removed from the build to add Prince Keleseth, which will enhance all creatures in your deck.

The deck performs well in ranked games. This was proved by the player from Australia under the nickname GingaNinja, who reached # 22 in the legend .


For this deck, one of the most important steps is choosing the cards for your starting hand. Depending on your opponent, it can be very different: from the super aggressive to the slower and control-oriented table. In any case, the following cards will come in handy:

  • “Prince Keleset”. This is one of the key cards of the deck, for which all two-mana creatures and spells were removed from it. Leave her anyway and act out first.
  • “Fiery demon”. In any matchup, it is worth leaving this card as one of the strongest that can be played on the first turn.
  • “Demon of the Abyss.” Similar to Fiery Imp, this is a very powerful card for its cost.
  • Malchezar’s Imp. In the early stages of the game, he can bring additional cards when discarded from his hand, which compensates for their negative effect. Try to immediately benefit from it, as your opponent will want to immediately destroy this demon.

Play style

Zoolock plays aggressively. From the first moves, his main task is to capture the table. Since there are a lot of aggressive decks in ranked games, you will have to control the battlefield and only after that start beating your opponent’s hero. Table control is a key element when playing this archetype, losing it is tantamount to defeat, although the Warlock has quite a lot of tools to win the table back. As a finisher in the current build, there is Gul’Dan the Bloodsucker, which will not only resurrect all your dead demons during the game, but also replace the hero’s power with a more aggressive and saving hero in some cases. Sometimes the Warlock Death Knight is just used for survival in the late game, but mostly by playing him you want to get more use and new-summoned demons.


It seems to many that Zoolock is dead as an archetype in Hearthstone , but more and more players are proving the opposite, reaching high ranks in the legend and using the most unpredictable cards in the deck. All of the cards in the deck are strong, and yet you have the opportunity to play with cards that are not used in other archetypes. Give your deck a chance to show off and it won’t disappoint you.

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