Call of Duty: WW2 Walkthrough – Disembarkation Day

Detailed walkthrough of the first mission “Landing Day” of the Call of Duty: WW2 game with all the feats and souvenirs

June 6, 1944

Normandy coast, France

After an introductory cutscene where you meet your teammates, the first operation that will be deployed on the French coastline – “Landing Day” will soon begin.

Start task

As soon as the barrage wall at the front of the boat comes down, you will see how most of the allies fall under the deadly bullets of the Nazis. After leaving the board, talk to Lieutenant Turner, who will grab the GG and hide behind cover. If you move in open areas, you will surely get as much lead as there is enough to kill you. You need to move not in a straight line, but diagonally, following from one cover to another, be it a hedgehog, armored vehicle or a stone slab.

Once you get to the target marker, a quick sequence will start in which you need to plant the explosives on the Bangalore. Just move your mouse cursor over the circle and press the desired key. The explosion will open the way to the bunker – get down there.

Go into the trenches on the left, kill the opponents who got in the way, and take the first first-aid kits. To use the first aid kit, press the “6” key. It is noteworthy that, unlike many modern shooters, there is a health bar here, which is not automatically restored. First-aid kits you will be right in the environment, on boxes, in the corner of the premises, etc.

At the end of the trench, turn right to a machine gun point shelling the beach. The first souvenir will be inside.

Souvenirs 1/3

First souvenir

As soon as you kill the enemies, then go up the road leading to other bunkers. You, Zussman and the entire squad will have to clear the first of the five bunkers from the opponents. Do not forget that there are machine gun points inside. The first bunker is large and well guarded, but most of the enemies will be outside. Stay behind cover and kill enemies one by one from a distance before moving in and clear the bunker.

On the way to the second bunker, you will see how German and American soldiers fight in close combat – you can save an American by killing a German. This is how you get the first feat.

Feats 1/2

First feat

Machine guns are installed at the entrance of the second bunker, so you will have to throw a smoke grenade to allow yourself and your team to hide from the fire. Move inside the bunker and clear it of all opponents. On the way to the third bunker, several Nazis will try to stop your advance both in the trench and beyond. Once in the bunker, you will see how your ally is wounded with a flamethrower. You can pick up a flamethrower and use it to destroy opponents – the great thing is that it does not replace your main weapon, but is, as it were, a secondary one.

The third bunker is one open room, but there is an MG42 and ammo upstairs. Please note that the MG42 is a special weapon, just like the flamethrower, and does not occupy either of the two slots. As soon as you go down, even more Germans will try to recapture the bunker.

Before moving on to the nearest, fourth bunker, go left and down where you came from. The previously closed door will be opened, and inside it you will find a second memento.

Souvenirs 2/3

Second souvenir

Also, you will meet another American-German couple fighting for life and death. Save an ally by killing a German to earn another feat.

Feats 2/2

Second feat

There will be another bunker with one room, but two Germans using mortars. After clearing the fourth bunker, you and Zussman will be instructed to independently deal with the last bunker. When you approach him, soldiers will fly out from within and shoot at you. Also, two more opponents will be on the roof of the bunker – watch them and kill them first. After killing everyone, go inside the bunker.

Once inside, a German soldier will flank the GG, which will initiate a QTE sequence. Follow the instructions on the screen. When you press the F key, then try to aim it at the weapon in the hands of the German. Zussmann will save Daniels, but will be wounded in the fight with the German. As soon as you deal with him, then go to Zussman, who will warn of the threat. Turn around and use the pistol to kill the fascist.

You will need to drag Zussman to the nearest infirmary located near the bunker. Drag Zussman through the hole in the side of the bunker, and when you find yourself on the street, kill several Germans with a pistol, aiming at the head. Daniels will automatically lower Zussman to the ground to pick up the same pistol.

This will repeat a few more times as you move through the trench leading to the infirmary. Also, a grenade will be thrown in your direction – quickly press the G key without holding your finger on it. So the main character will throw the grenade aside. When you drag Zussman to a safe place, you will receive a new task – to destroy the enemy artillery that shells the beach. There are two farm houses, but most of the opponents are in the building on the right, where the machine gun is on the second floor.

As soon as you destroy the defenders, the Germans will counterattack your position. There are two MG42s upstairs, one of them looking just behind the fence on the right. Climb up and stand behind the machine gun to shoot opponents. It may be easier to hide below and destroy the Nazis with conventional weapons.

Nevertheless, other Germans will appear on the right, and the machine gun will not turn in their direction – be careful. On the table near where the Germans come from is the third and final memento of this mission.

Souvenirs 3/3

Third souvenir

You will have to destroy several attacking waves of the enemy until allied tanks appear. After destroying the enemy artillery, head back to the infirmary to regroup with your platoon and complete the mission.


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