Call of Duty: WW2 “Zombie Reich” – how to improve the Tesla gun

Description of two improvements for the Tesla Cannon – “Midnight” Tesla and “Reaper”

The Tesla Cannon is an incredibly powerful and adorable weapon that you will unlock early on when you search for an Easter egg on the first zombie map in Call of Duty: WW2 . Getting this weapon is quite simple – the game will literally guide you through every stage.

You can upgrade it and make it even more powerful. It is quite difficult to do this, and the unlocking of the parts necessary for the weapons “forge” is not explained in the game in any way. This is part of the hardcore easter egg.

There are four upgrades for the Tesla Cannon, a powerful energy weapon that you unlock by completing a casual Easter egg mission. To get to the weapon, you need to activate the power supply of the bunker and open the door to the Emperor’s chamber.

Before you can start upgrading, you will need to get the weapon itself. When you get to the Emperor’s chamber, then interact with the handle and kill the zombies in order to charge the transmitting device with their souls. Then follow to the command center and turn the handle to open the awning.

Click on the big red button to the control room up the stairs and the transmitter will begin to move. Just destroy the zombies in the red zone every time the device stops. You need to escort him to every part of the command center to get the weapon parts and put them together.

Tesla Cannon

The Midnight variant of the Tesla Cannon will fire a deadly laser beam that travels right through opponents in a straight line. Create a line of zombies and destroy them all with one “shot”.

How to create a “Midnight” Tesla Cannon

  1. Pick up the head of a zombie boss with a flamethrower.
  2. Shine purple light on the statue to the left of the stairs in the courtyard. It will be destroyed.
  3. Shoot the broken statue with the Tesla Cannon and take the battery.
  4. Place this battery in a charger in a nearby courtyard.
  5. Kill enemies in the yard (about 30) to charge the battery.
  6. Complete the Easter quest to get the Fireworks achievement, where you will need to protect the lightning rods at the base of the Tower.
  7. Take the battery and return to the laboratory. Install it to the left of the machine that produced one of the parts of the Tesla Cannon.
  8. Protect the battery for one to two minutes and collect the crafting part.
  9. Return to the weapons forge in the command center and use the part to upgrade the Tesla.

The Reaper variation is an even more powerful version of the Tesla Cannon, and is a must for the hardcore Easter egg quest. This weapon freezes zombies and then detonates them.

How to create the Tesla Cannon “Reaper”

  1. After you have your Tesla Cannon, make sure to open the door to the sewer (where the Enhancer is located).
  2. Go to the big zombies in the area of ​​the weapon upgrade station, in the sewers. They will appear after the seventh round (and higher).
  3. You need to make sure that a large zombie crashes into a gray, door-like part located on the outer wall. Just stand in front of her and hit to make sure the compartment opens.
  4. Collect the battery and place it in the charger near the weapon upgrade station.
  5. Activate the saw trap in the sewers to charge the battery with zombie souls. It takes about four to six pieces.
  6. The battery will glow green if zombies are nearby.
  7. Complete the casual easter quest where you need to defend the lightning rods at the base of the Tower.
  8. Place the battery in the slot to the right of the device that produced the Tesla Cannon piece in the morgue.
  9. Protect the battery until the upgrade part appears.
  10. Return to the Command Center and install this part to receive the updated Tesla Cannon.

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