Call of Duty: WW2 Zombie Reich – How to Power On

Learn more about how to activate generators and apply power to explore the entire map in Call of Duty: WW2 zombie mode

Powering up Call of Duty: WW2 is n’t easy! As with previous zombie maps, electricity is very important. With its help, you will get access to every area of ​​the map, including the place where the “Enhancer” is hidden. In addition, electricity will be required to complete the easter egg quest, and you will need to use far from a single generator.

They are more like three switches. This time, the electricity is not centralized, so you will have to look for separate toggle switches for the sewer and the bunker. There are two separate switches in the command center, and both of them must be activated if you want to study the map thoroughly. If you want to get access to the weapon upgrade station and start hunting for Easter eggs, then we will tell you what you need to do at the very beginning.

Basically, there are two generators that must be activated in order to supply power to the entire card. The first is located in the sewer – by the way, without activating the first it will be impossible to get to the second.

How to activate a generator in a sewer?

To apply electricity, leave the spawn room (750 points) and get to the village square. Here you will need to find and switch three valves – look for wall valves with pressure gauges. Two are located in the village square, and the third is outside the door to Riverside (1000 points).

Return to the village square and activate the burner – the large green button near the sewer hole in the middle of the square. It will turn green after all three valves have been turned. Activate the device, which will cause burning zombies to appear on the square.

Jump down the drain and find two paths – one is blocked by a door requiring power. Go up the opposite path and activate the generator in the sewers. Then you can return to that very door and through it get back to the village.

How to activate the generator in the bunker?

Next, you will need to go to the command center on the map. Unlock the massive bunker door (1250 points) and find two doors. One leads to the laboratory, and the other to the morgue. Stock up on glasses and open both doors.

Unlock the door near the mechanism to access the lab, then head up the stairs and examine the far right corner of the large panel. Switch the toggle switch to ON. Do the same in the morgue, the door to which is located opposite the laboratory.

Note. You will need to interact relatively quickly with two switches. A countdown will begin, after which the switches will be reset if both are not activated.

By activating both toggle switches, you restore power to the hopper. All perk machines are activated, and all doors that require electricity will be unlocked.

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