Call of Duty: WW2 “Zombie Reich” – location of all entries

Where to Find Klaus’s Secret Messages and Dr. Straub Scenes in Call of Duty: WW2

As if there were n’t enough secrets and easter eggs in Call of Duty: WW2 ‘s Zombie Reich mode , the developers decided to offer us to unlock all the secret messages from Klaus and the cutscene with the notorious Dr. Straub. These secret scenes and audio diaries will be obtained by collecting recording devices scattered throughout The Last Reich. As is the case with most other objects on the map, no hints are provided to you during the search for devices.

You will need to hold down the interaction key to pick up the voice recorders – but finding them is quite difficult. But you can find a map that shows the possible points of occurrence of the records – sometimes they will be there, and sometimes they will not. Reload, check locations and look for new entries to eventually unlock all bonus cutscenes. True, if you’re really interested in learning more about this zombie storyline.

  • Possible location of device # 1. The tower is in the far right window.
  • Possible location of device # 2. Pub – inside the bar, on the table under the lamp.
  • Possible location of device # 3. The entrance to the village is on a barrel, to the right of the quick recovery perk machine.
  • Possible location of device # 4. Village Square – Go up the stairs to the room above the window with toys. Examine the wooden shelves on the right.
  • Possible location of device # 5. Village Square – on a box next to a German truck. Examine the bottom drawer next to the barrels.
  • Possible location of device # 6. Riverside – On a snow-covered bench in front of a large stone statue.
  • Possible location of device # 7. Courtyard – There are two barrels opposite the steps. The recorder lies on them.
  • Possible location of device # 8. The laboratory is on a small wooden folding table, under a standing lantern near the station with armor.
  • Possible location of device No. 9. The Imperial Chamber is on a wooden table, in the far left corner of the chamber.
  • Possible location of device No. 10. The Command Room – opposite the waste disposal site, on the concrete at the base of the steps, on the left side.
  • Possible location of device No. 11. Morgue – in a room with a projector, opposite the STG-44 wall, on a small wooden table.
  • Possible location of device No. 12. Morgue – go down the corridor to the left of the car with the Tesla Cannon part. To the left of the stairs leading down, there is a table with a recorder.
  • Possible location of device No. 13. Sewers – enter the large room to upgrade weapons from the bunker or surface, look left. There are two green barrels with a wooden box on top. The device is in the left corner of the box.
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