Call of Duty: WW2 “Reich Zombies” – Where to Find Dr. Straub

Possible location of Dr. Straub in Call of Duty: WW2

Following the tradition of the zombie mode of the series, the developers of Call of Duty: WW2 once again turned to the famous actor who played an important character that you never personally meet in the game. In this case, we are talking about the Nazi scientist Dr. Straub, who conducted his experiments in a Bavarian village located on the map of the “Last Reich”. Dr. Straub is one of the scientists responsible for the outbreak of tainted, twisted undead that you will encounter while searching the underground bunker. In addition, by killing Dr. Straub, you will receive the “Hidden” in-game achievement.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to shoot him. He cannot be killed, he will simply ignore you, even if you release the entire clip into his chest. It was invented exclusively for the show, although its characteristic model is quite recognizable – obviously, we are talking about the actor Kira Udo, wearing a white robe. Agree, this is an ideal option for playing any villains, especially a Nazi concerned about the undead who conducts top-secret experiments. And here are some tips to make it easier to find and destroy Dr. Straub.

The doctor himself never stands in one place, his behavior seems completely random, but still there are laws. Fans have already been able to find several places where you are most likely to meet Straub.

Get to the bunker and look inside for Dr. Straub for 6-7 rounds.

  • Entrance to the village. Use the tiny gap at the entrance. When you unlock the entrance gate, then turn left and enter the village square.
  • Morgue: Go through the back gate where there is a yellow light.
  • Morgue: In the small window to the left of the power lever.
  • Laboratory: in the window to the right of the device with a part of the Tesla Cannon.

Dr. Straub may appear in other locations, but the locations we’ve listed here are the most common. He can usually appear in almost any round of the game. When you see him, then immediately shoot. Achievement “Hidden” will open, and you will be one step closer to 100% study of the map.

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