Call of Duty: WW2 Zombie Reich – Easter Egg Mission

Detailed walkthrough of the casual Easter egg mission in the zombie mode Call of Duty: WW2

In this article, we will tell you how to get the “casual” ending on the Call of Duty: WW2 zombie map . Each zombie map is a long-running quest that leads to a climactic boss fight. And in Call of Duty: WW2 , two Easter eggs were added at once on this occasion. Most fans divide tasks into two categories – casual and hardcore. The casual quest is much easier.

In casual mode, the easter egg will allow you to discover an artifact. There is an alternative route in which you will save Klaus, but for now we will focus on the main route. After receiving this Easter egg, you will earn the Fireworks quest.

There are two prerequisites that need to be met before you begin.

Preparation :

  1. Turn the three valves and activate the burner in the village square to access the sewers. Activate the generator inside it.
  2. Unlock the bunker door in the command center. Activate the strange machine and flip the toggle switches in the lab / morgue.
  3. Activate the waste disposal system in the sewer. Go through all three pipes and unlock the weapon upgrade station.

When you complete all these steps, you can start the Easter egg.

Step 1 – charging the device

After activating the power, you will be able to access the salt mines. Collect enough points and go there, then open the door to the Emperor’s chamber.

Inside, you will see a massive statue and a strange device with a handle located directly in front of it. Interact with the handle, destroy the zombies to collect souls – the zombies that are killed in the Emperor’s chamber will charge the handle, forcing it to rise up and move to the command room above the Emperor’s chamber.

Note . You will know when you have collected enough souls – the room will be filled with orange-red light.

Step 2 – escorting the transfer device

Follow to the command hall and turn the handle attached to the strange metal device in the center of the room. You need to stand still and scroll slowly for a few seconds, so periodically shoot the zombies or let your friends do it.

Now that the transmitter is in the command room, get to the control area on the upper deck and press the big red button. The transmitting device will begin to move along the rails through the side doors of the control room – watch it while moving along the rails.

Periodically, the transmitting device will stop. Move into the red zone below him and kill zombies to charge him. Zombie souls will fly straight into the device, after which it will continue to move. Only zombies inside the red circle will charge the device.

Zombie Nazi

Step 3 – completing the assembly of the Tesla Cannon

The transmitter will eventually reach the generator and stop. When this happens, wait 15-20 seconds until the Tesla Cannon part is produced. Take this item, after which the device will go along the rails to the opposite room (to another generator) to produce the second part of the Tesla Cannon.

After the manufacture of both parts, the device along the rails will return to the command center. Continue to accompany him – as soon as you are in place, then kill the zombies in the control room.

Note . Watch where you kill zombies with a flamethrower. You will need to pick up his head for the next part of the easter egg mission.

Destroy zombies with a flamethrower (shoot the gas cylinders on the back, and then at the torso), and then go upstairs to the control room. Activate the machine where the transmitting device stopped to start making the Tesla Cannon. After 15-20 seconds, the Tesla Cannon will be produced. Take it and save it for later stages of the Easter egg.

Step 4 – redirecting energy

Now that you have the Tesla Cannon, go down to the Emperor’s Chamber and study the “Right Hand of God”. Naturally, she will be on the right. Interact with the strange device on the left – nothing will work, so return to the command center control room and look at the panel on the wall opposite the place where the Tesla Cannon was produced.

Puzzle solution:

  • The wall panel displays four numbers with a different color under each one. The numbers “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” can be red, blue or green. Take a screenshot of this panel or just remember what you saw.
  • Each number refers to a power plant on the map. Interact with each power plant in accordance with their serial number and color. For example, power plant # 1 is red, # 2 is red, # 3 is green, and # 4 is blue.
  • The power plants are designated Rot (red), Grun (green) and Blau (blue). switch the toggle switches on each according to the information on the panel.

There are four power plants that need to be switched to redirect power.

  • Power Station # 1 is located to the right of a colored panel hanging on the wall opposite the forge where the Tesla Cannon was made.
  • Power station # 2 is located in the sewers, not far from the path leading to the morgue.
  • Power Station # 3 is also located in the sewers, near the weapons upgrade station, in the Riverside Tunnel.
  • Power station # 4 – in the pub area, near the Tower gate.

If you act too slowly, the redirection will be discarded. Return to the colored panel of the mains and reconnect to it to restart. When the power is fully redirected, it will be necessary to activate and protect the lightning rod.

Step 5 – calling the storm

It is located at the base of the Tower. Interact with the lightning rod to start a new round and the zombies will try to destroy it. Defend the lightning rod – use perks to deal with many opponents. There isn’t much room here!

  • Activate and defend the central lightning rod for one to two minutes.
  • Activate and protect the front left / right lightning rods for one to two minutes.

You will also need to protect the second set of lightning rods. This is not easy, but possible. When the stage is complete, you will hear a quote. Retreat to the Emperor’s chamber and examine the “Left Hand of God”. This time, interact with her.

Step 6 – charging the three generators on the airship

After interacting with the hand, return to the surface and see a massive Nazi airship in the sky. He will attack you, you need to shoot back. Aim the bright red spot at the airship and make sure to shoot at one point with your teammates.

Damage this point enough for the airship to drop the generator. You will see how it falls onto the map. Go to the crash site of the generator and kill all the zombies to charge it with souls. After about three dozen zombies are dead, the souls will charge the generator and it will explode, leaving behind a battery (accumulator).

Note . When carrying the battery, you will move slower than usual and will not be able to fire your weapon.

Pick up the battery and accelerate into the Emperor’s chamber. Place it in your right hand. Return to the surface and see that the airship has returned. If this has not happened yet, then continue to kill ordinary zombies and survive until it happens. Shoot again at another place in the airship to force it to drop the second generator – run to it, charge it, killing zombies, and transfer it to the Emperor’s chamber, to your left hand.

Shoot down another, third and last generator. It will be necessary to wait for the return of the airship, acting in the same way as before. Shoot it until the device falls, charge it and take it to the Emperor’s chamber.

Step 7 – activating the “Voice of God”

Follow the steps and interact with the hands in the Emperor’s Chamber. They will light up, and you will get a very vague goal – to activate the “Voice of God”.

One of the “hands of god”

Return to the command center and take the head of the flamethrower zombie that was killed two stages earlier. The head resembles a weapon – aim with it to activate the head. When you “aim” with the zombie head at specific pictures, a secret letter will appear. Walk around the map and use the head in the following locations:

  • Picture number 1. In the pub, on the wall next to the bar. The landscape is depicted.
  • Painting number 2. Sewers – next to a weapon upgrade vehicle, a picture of two elderly people.

The same car

  • Scene number 3. The morgue is in the dark zone.
  • Painting number 4. Courtyard – near the steps /

When using the head, pay attention to the eagle symbol and the Roman numeral. Each painting will have a number from “1” to “5” and an eagle facing north, south, west or east. Memorize each number and direction of the light.

Return to the Emperor’s chamber and on the central device match each eagle with a particular number. The central handle has all four eagle symbols – interact with each until you select the desired number corresponding to the data that you saw in the paintings.

Step 8 – killing the final boss

This is the final stage before the final boss, the giant monster Panzermorder. To activate the boss, each member of your team will need to simultaneously shoot the handle in the Emperor’s chamber using the Tesla Cannon.

Take the handle off the pedestal and the Panzermorder will appear. This is an extremely powerful foe that kills you and your allies almost instantly. Stay away from it and keep moving along the surface. You cannot kill him using conventional weapons – you need to find an alternative way to destroy him.

How to destroy Panzermorder?


Phase 1 :

  • Shoot at the red lights on the airship until the generator falls to the ground.
  • Kill the zombies in the red zone to charge the generator until it explodes – the battery remains.
  • Shoot the Panzermorder until he is stunned.
  • After stunning him, pick up the battery and quickly use it on Panzermorder.

Phase 2 :

  • Panzermorder will disappear. Kill the zombies and wait for the airship to return.
  • Shoot at it until the second generator falls. Recharge it.
  • Stun Panzermorder and use the second battery on him.

Phase 3 :

  • And again you have to repeat the steps. Wait for the airship to return, then shoot at it to bring down the generator.
  • As in the last time, when it was necessary to shoot down the generators, the third will fly off and return to the airship. Shoot down another one, and he will already remain on the ground.
  • Charge it up, stun Panzermorder and use the remaining battery.

That’s all! You will unlock the final cut-scene, defeat Panzermorder, and unlock the Fireworks achievement by completing the first Easter egg quest on this map.

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