Best Rush Royale decks

A complete breakdown of all playable decks in Rush Royale in most arenas.

Rush Royale is actively gaining popularity among mobile gaming fans. Already, a wide variety of character cards are available in the game, from which you can construct the perfect deck for an easy victory over the enemy. Some players may find it difficult to build their first decks, so in our guide you will find the most effective decks for Rush Royale.

Best decks for PVP

Best Rush Royale decks – Common Battleground

A player should have most of the cards available for more variability when building their decks, but in Rush Royale it is important to use them correctly. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the best character combinations that will help you climb the rankings and break into more significant arenas.

Starting deck

Best Rush Royale decks – Starter deck

The simplest deck that is suitable for fighting in the second or third arena. There are no specific tactics, but this set allows you to test all the functions of the game and win almost every match against low-level players in the arena. It is advisable to use the following characters:

  • Archer;
  • Poisoner;
  • Lightning Mage;
  • Fire Mage;
  • Cold Mage.

If an Engineer is already present in the collection of cards, then he can be put into the deck instead of the Poisoner.

Engineering deck

Best Rush Royale decks – One of the most used decks to date

This deck is recommended for matches up to 2000 cups, as in higher arenas it cannot cope with the competition due to the lack of legendary cards. Each character from this set can be found in chests or bought for gold in the store. It includes:

  • A vampire;
  • Chemist;
  • Engineer;
  • Guardian of the Portal;
  • Cold Mage.

It is not recommended to use more than one Gatekeeper on the board in a match, as they do not inflict proper damage on the enemy, and their only useful use is connecting engineers to each other. In no case should you raise the level of the Gatekeeper in battle, since this action also does not increase its damage. This card is only used as support and is not used as the main attacking force.

When leveling characters, it is recommended to give priority to the Chemist and the Engineer to increase the damage and reduce the armor of monsters. With a large accumulation of enemy forces, it is enough to combine the Guardian of the Portal and the Vampire to get another unit, since both cards do not do much damage.

Best Rush Royale decks – The game will test the player’s skill in properly constructing decks in battle

It is enough to have only one Chemist on the board. Their number can be increased only after defeating the first boss, however, in most cases, it is enough to get a hero of the second rank when merging to win. This unit is especially good against bosses, so it should always be on the battlefield. When fighting the Tribunal, which kills half of all units at once, you need to have two Chemists of the second rank in order to accurately receive the armor reduction bonus. Otherwise, the battle will be too difficult.

Engineering deck analogs in medium arenas

Best Rush Royale Decks – The most useful decks in PVP are listed in this section

This section contains all the intermediate decks that will allow you to fight opponents not only in the seventh arena, but also help you get to the tenth arena and above.

Boreus and Executioner deck

Best Rush Royale Decks – Expensive Deck with 2 Legendary Cards

Not the most budget-friendly deck that can be difficult to build. In the presence of Borea and Harlequin, it is required to use. It includes:

  • Boreas;
  • A vampire;
  • Bombardier;
  • Executioner;

Dodger Deck

Best Rush Royale Decks – Popular Cheap Deck

One of the most successful budget decks in arenas 5-7. Consists of the following heroes:

  • Engineer;
  • Dodger;
  • Cold Mage;
  • Sniper;
  • Priestess (Vampire).

The Engineer and the Sniper will help the player to deal with most of the monsters without hindrance. The priestess in this set allows you to very quickly gain the required amount of mana, and the Cold Mage is used to significantly reduce the movement speed of enemies. If there is a Vampire in the collection, it is recommended to put it instead of the Priestess.

Archer Deck

Best Rush Royale decks – Another cheap deck that can destroy opponents

A popular deck in the fifth arena. The low cost of the cards of the deck allows for the possibility of their fast pumping, since only one epic character is used in the set:

  • Thrower;
  • Archer;
  • Engineer;
  • Fire Mage;

During the battle, it is necessary to upgrade the Engineers and the Archer to the third rank, and the Fire Mage to the fourth by means of fusion. It is enough to raise the Bombardier and Thrower to the second or third rank. Before the release of the second boss, it is recommended to update the Engineers, Fire Mage and Archer to the maximum level.

Evil Eye and Boreus Deck

Best Rush Royale decks – A very expensive topical deck for quickly defeating the enemy

One of the very best decks in Rush Royale at the moment, but will not suit most players, as it is not budget. With these cards, you can easily reach 6,000 cups. The set uses three legendary cards:

  • Evil eye;
  • Harlequin;
  • Boreas;
  • Bombardier;
  • A vampire.

Sentinel Deck

Best Rush Royale Decks – Minor Cards Can Be Surprising Too

The Sentinel is an underappreciated character who allows him to significantly increase his damage at maximum level. This deck is used by a limited number of players:

  • Hourly;
  • Plague Doctor;
  • Priestess;
  • Cold Mage;

The Plague Doctor and the Chemist work well with the Sentinel. This set will be useful in arena 7 as it does a great job with the Engineering deck, which has been used too often lately at this stage. With proper dexterity and luck, you can get to the twelfth arena.

No legendary cards

Best Rush Royale decks – Cheapest top of all tops to get you to the very top in PVP battles

The set of cards presented in this section will allow you to easily reach 4000 cups in battles against other players. For this we use the following characters:

  1. Vampire. At the beginning of the game, you need to try to place one Vampire of the second rank or two Vampires of the first rank on the table. Before pumping Vampires, at least one Fanatic must be placed on the table. Fusion of Vampires allows you to speed up the mana gain and improve the damage of the Fanatic.
  2. Fanatic. The card works best in the middle or late game, when the player already has a small pool of mana in reserve. This allows you to use only part of its total value for buying and pumping heroes without significant spending, so it helps the Fanatics to do more damage.
  3. Plague Doctor. One of the best characters for holding a large crowd of opponents. It helps a lot at the very beginning of the game when cleaning the board from small groups of mobs that can withstand poison. It is recommended to install two heroes of the second rank or three characters of the first one.
  4. Chemist. Allows you to easily deal with enemy armor, but can later be changed to a legendary hero, focused on dealing huge damage. During the battle, it is enough to place one hero of the second or third rank.
  5. Bombardier. Allows you to stun a large number of enemies who are immediately affected by the Plague Doctor’s gas. It also stuns bosses, therefore giving Fanatics additional time to deal damage. If the enemy does not play a single card to slow down or stun the enemy, then he will have no chance of winning. In the middle or at the end of the game, you need to place two Bombardiers of the second rank or one Bombardier of the third rank.

This deck effectively defeats most of the monsters on the battlefield, however, it does not always cope with Bedlam, since some set cards are only designed to defeat a single target. As long as the player manages to dodge the boss in the middle or late game, he will be able to defeat his opponents unhindered.

The best decks to play in co-op

Best Rush Royale decks – Most disgusting co-op experience ever

Co-op in Rush Royale is one of the best ways to earn gold. In it, players will have to fight off numerous waves of enemies in order to receive a reward. The amount of final gold gradually increases depending on the number of opponents’ attacks withstood, so with proper skill, you can earn several thousand gold coins in one match.

Best Co-op decks for farming gold

Best Rush Royale decks – Typical Gold Co-op Battle

To get the maximum amount of gold, you need to reach 40-45 waves in each battle. After passing this mark, the battle with the enemy horde becomes noticeably more difficult. At this stage, the ally’s deck must be matched with the player’s cards, otherwise the match will end in a few rounds. The decks below do not require any additional interaction between trainers, so they are ideal for playing alone:


  1. Harlequin, Zealot, Chemist, Magic Cauldron, Bombardier or Cold Mage.

Best Rush Royale decks – Most comfortable deck of the three

  1. Harlequin, Zealot, Sharpening Stone, Dryad, Bombardier or Cold Mage.

Best Rush Royale decks – Alternative farming decks

  1. Knight Statue, Executioner, Fanatic, Magic Cauldron, Bombardier.

Best Rush Royale decks – Fallback for farming

Let’s take a closer look at each card:

  1. Harlequinis one of the best cards in the game, so it must be on the battlefield, as it allows you to create a copy of any pawn of the same rank when combined.
  2. The Fanaticis generally not suitable for PVP matches, but his potential is fully revealed in co-op mode. The Fanatic’s attack increases with the accumulation of mana by the player, which allows him to inflict huge damage even on one card. The best mana for a Fanatic is 10,000.
  3. The Executioneris a good option for a co-op deck, as it allows you to quickly finish off any monster. Especially useful when fighting bosses.
  4. The Bombardierand Cold Mage help provide the best control over a group of enemies, so other characters have more time to deal damage.

Best Damage Decks for Co-op

Best Rush Royale decks – At the end of the battle, the player is provided with full match statistics

Most of the time in co-op, players will come across allies from a similar trophy range. At higher levels, players do not use all the cards in a row and only stick to one tactic. Teammates will only launch support characters or attacking heroes. The combination of these two play styles creates the perfect duo to hit the max wave.

Best Rush Royale decks – One of the best damage options

The following are the best offensive decks:

  1. Demon Hunter, Knight Statue, Executioner, Reaper, Bombardier.
  2. Demon Hunter, Executioner, Bombardier, Sharpening Stone, Cold Mage.

When using the above cards in collaboration with a support deck, you must carefully monitor the frequency of using new characters. For example, when starting with two Demon Hunters and a Knight Statue, you do not need to use other assistants. It is enough to wait a while for a teammate to improve the level of cards, and then move on to more active actions.

Best Rush Royale Decks – Alternative Damage Deck

Keep in mind that Demon Hunter has a key role to play in the transition to max waves, as it does massive damage to the health of bosses who can have over 200 million hit points. Do not forget about the Bombardier, who is also an important card in the used deck. He will have to stun the bosses right at the exit of the portal and kill them before they have time to activate their abilities.

Best Support Deck for Co-op

Best Rush Royale decks – Support in the game is very active

When using a support deck, the player first of all needs to level up the characters of a teammate with the help of a Shaman. This card is the most important in the deck, so without it, the user will not be able to effectively support a partner. Unlike the PVP mode, where the Shaman decreases the fusion rank of the enemy card, in the cooperative mode he increases the fusion level of the ally’s heroes.

Best Rush Royale decks – The only decent deck so far

The best support deck to date looks like this:

  1. Harlequin, Summoner, Mime, Magic Cauldron, Shaman.

In the absence of all of the above cards, it is recommended to include any damage card in the deck for additional assistance to a teammate. In this case, the Executioner is the best choice, especially in the absence of this character in the ally’s set. The player will have to use the Shaman as often as possible to improve the characters of the partner. Also keep in mind that it is not recommended to combine your Shamans immediately after receiving. It is better to keep the board open and summon Mimes and Harlequins, and then optimize the received units and connect them without losing Shamans.

Best Rush Royale decks – Feel free to experiment with the above decks

Pay more attention to the alignment of forces of the ally. It is not always worth using the Shaman to reorganize characters when the partner’s board is completely filled. It is better to give him the opportunity to independently unite the troops to achieve the most optimal positions to protect the common fortress.


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