8 best decks for Clash Royale Arena 13

Clash Royale Arena 13 is challenging! You face several players who have greatly improved their cards and perfected their style. If you’re stuck or struggling to advance in this arena, in this article we share the 8 best decks to beat Arena 13. We’ve included a variety of units, spells, and structures to introduce different approaches and tactics.

Deck 1

  • Cards: Witch, Valkyrie, Mega Knight, Infernal Dragon, Skeleton Army, Wall Breaker, Goblin Barrel, and Volley.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.9.

We start with one of the popular decks to advance in the latest arenas of Clash Royale. This group of cards is very useful if you have been improving all of them. At high levels, the Witch, Valkyrie, and Mega Knight can do incredible damage, but wait a bit before sending them out onto the battlefield.

The rest of the cards are a perfect support for the main units, especially the army of skeletons and barrel of goblins. Start with them and clear groups of enemies with download. From time to time it is good to send an infernal dragon or Valkyrie. Collect elixir, and when you have a free hand, it’s time to send out the mega knight!

Deck 2

  • Cards: PEKKA, Hog Rider, Mega Minion, Dark Prince, Electric Spirit, Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, and Flying Machine.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.6.

Featured units in this deck are PEKKA and the Flying Machine. Of course, before using these cards, it is advisable to start with cheaper units such as the Electric Spirit, the Mega Minion or the Barbarian Keg. Save the fireball to attack your opponent’s strong units or take out large groups of enemies. After doing that, it’s time to get the heavy hitters out of the deck!

As a recommendation, try to take out PEKKA / flying machine accompanied by other units (montapuercos or dark prince, and electric spirit or barbarian barrel).

Deck 3

  • Cards: Miner, Hell Dragon, Mega Knight, Bats, Goblins with Spears, Gang of Goblins, Barrel of Skeletons, and Shock.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.3.

The Mega Knight is a deadly unit that, in good hands, can turn combat around. The trick with this deck is to send the units in a group without stopping, especially in the face of defending. On offense, Miner and Hell Dragon are great cards to go alongside goblins or bats. If you find it difficult to approach an enemy tower, do not hesitate: it is time to send the mega knight.

Deck 4

  • Cards: Valkyrie, Princess, Ice Spirit, Gang of Goblins, Barrel of Goblins, Rocket, Trunk, and Inferno Tower.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.4.

This deck contains an attack and defense dynamic. When it comes to offense, the Valkyrie and the Princess are the key units in the deck. Always accompany them with a gang of goblins or a barrel of goblins. Don’t hesitate to launch a rocket if you find yourself outnumbered or outnumbered. The rocket is somewhat expensive, so use it only when necessary!

To defend, you can use a Tesla Tower instead of the Hell Tower, especially if you’ve already leveled it up several times. In any case, the infernal tower will stop almost every unit that the opponent throws at you, especially if you also use the log or ice spirit in a defensive way.

Deck 5

  • Cards: Hog Rider, Princess, Valkyrie, Electric Spirit, Skeletons, Trunk, Rocket, and Tesla Tower.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.1.

This is a relatively inexpensive deck so you won’t have a problem tossing units one after the other. The tactic is to send the skeletons / electric spirits and the princess along with the valkyrie or the hog riding. If the opponent is besieging you or sending multiple units towards you, it’s time to put up a Tesla tower and throw a log.

On the other hand, it is best to use the rocket as a defensive last resort or to finish off. The appropriate thing is to always have enough elixir to send a cheap unit and another of the main ones, so that the rival does not have much time to plan his movements.

Deck 6

  • Cards: prince, princess, rascals, sprite thrower, gang of sprites, barrel of sprites, rocket and the log.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.8.

With this group of cards you will have almost everything: mini tanks, group units, good melee and ranged damage, and powerful spells. The prince and the rogues (due to the rogue boy) are the key units to withstand the damage of the enemies. The Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel are a must-have in any game situation, so don’t hesitate to send them in.

As for the princess and the goblin throwing darts, it is convenient to wait for the rival to act. If you need to do safe damage from a distance, use these cards! If not, we advise you to focus more on the other cards. In case you have enough elixir left over, it is good to send the princess along with the prince or the scoundrels, as their attacks have a lot of scope. You will provide invaluable support!

Deck 7

  • Cards: Royal Recruits, Royal Pigs, Electric Spirit, Barbarian Keg, Strongman’s Cage, Shocks, Flying Machine, and Fireball.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.9.

This deck is made up of cards that, while less popular, are effective together. Royal Recruits and Royal Hogs are powerful units to attack ground units and structures respectively. The Electric Spirit and Barbarian Keg are the cards to use to start the game. They cost little elixir and serve to test the opponent.

The strongman’s cage serves as a defensive point, especially to counter expensive opponent’s units. In turn, the shocks and the fireball are useful both in defense and attack. When it’s time to go all out, nothing like sending in a flying machine and the royal recruits / royal pigs.

Deck 8

  • Cards: PEKKA, Dark Prince, Bandit, Electric Wizard, Magic Archer, Battle Ram, Fireball, and Bolt.
  • Average Elixir Cost: 4.

This last deck is a good balance between melee damage, ranged damage, and stamina. Elixir cost is somewhat high compared to other decks. Therefore, you must be patient when shipping units. To take full advantage of the deck’s potential, your thing is to send the Dark Prince, Battle Ram, or PEKKA alongside any of the other units.

Meanwhile, pay attention to use the fireball spells and blast to clear the way for your melee units.

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