How the Clash Royale chest cycle works!

Clash Royale is a well-known mobile card game that has gained popularity over the years. Chests are an essential part of the game, and many players wonder how the chest cycle really works. There’s a compelling reason we want to know: some chests contain unique cards.

In this guide, we inform you of several details related to cycles, so that you can understand when that long-awaited chest will arrive. There are three types of cycles: normal , special and mission . Knowing them well will be another powerful tool that will allow you to achieve victory in that game.

Find out what each cycle contains and how to know where you are!

Normal Chest Cycle

We will receive a chest every time we win games in Clash Royale , as long as we do not have all four slots full. These chests that we get after each victory are the ones that are part of this specific cycle and, as you can see, they are not high-level.

Here we show you this cycle:

Image taken from Clash Royale Fandom Wiki.

The normal chest cycle is made up of 180 silver, 52 gold, 4 magic and 4 giant chests, for a total of 240 chests. It is important to mention that the order will always be the same , and that it will not advance if we have full slots.

And it may be that you ask yourself the following question …

How do I know where I am in the cycle?

To find out exactly where you are in the cycle, there is a website that is officially recognized by the game company. This is Stats Royale, where you can see the statistics of your account, among other useful information.

First, go to your profile in the game and click on the code to copy it:

Once copied, you just have to go to the Stats Royale website and enter the identification code at the top:

Once inside your profile, go to the bottom of the Stats Royale page and there you will be able to know what the next chests of the normal cycle will be. You will see that it will be represented as follows:

It not only informs us of the following chests that we will obtain when winning games, but of how many we must unlock until the next giant or magical chest.

However, when you reach 300 trophies in your account, the normal cycle will be slightly affected by another cycle in particular: the cycle of special chests.

Cycle of special chests

If you pass the 300 trophy barrier, you will start receiving other types of chests at random. In fact, 300 trophies is also the same requirement to unlock Arena 2. This cycle can be a bit confusing, but this is how it works:

  • The special chest cycle has an extension of 500 chests from the normalcycle . That is, the special cycle starts again when you have received 500 chests from the normal cycle.
  • Upon reaching 300 trophies, you can randomly win a mega lightning chest each special cycle.
  • At 1000and 2000 trophies , you can also get epic and legendary chests , respectively.
  • You will be able to receive from all three special chests and if you get an epic or legendary, the next one will always be a mega lightning chest.

Ultimately, what makes this cycle of chests special is to replace one of the chests of the normal cycle with one of these three. Fear not, it will always be more useful to you! The contents of a Mega Lightning, Epic or Legendary chest are of higher quality than those of the normal cycle.

Mission Chest Cycle

This last type of cycle is made up of chests that we obtain by completing missions . Clash Royale has a system of objectives that we can overcome and, by achieving it, it will give us juicy rewards.

The quest chest cycle works as follows:

Image taken from Clash Royale Fandom Wiki.

  • Each player is assigned a rowor sequence . When you finish a sequence, you are assigned another one randomly.
  • All sequences are composed of 5 gold chests, 2 magic, 2 giants, 1 epic, 1 legendary and 1 mega lightning.
  • Every 12 chests, the one that played in the sequence will be replaced by a lightning chest.
  • Upon reaching Arena 7, every 18 will be replaced by a Legendary King Chest.

Finally, we will also receive a free chest every day. This, added to all the above, will allow us to obtain a large sum of cards, coins and gems every day. We will be able to improve the decks at a good rate, and there will be no shortage of days for the victors!


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