6 best decks for Clash Royale Arena 14

Discover here 6 decks that will be useful to pass from Arena 14 in Clash Royale. You are on the verge of entering the leagues of the game, so the competition is fierce. Therefore, we present you different decks that have led many players to victory. Find out which are the decks to overcome Arena 14!

Deck 1

  • Cards: PEKKA, Bandit, Royal Ghost, Electric Wizard, Magic Archer, Battle Ram, Shock, and Poison.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.9.

This deck is one of the most popular to advance in the latest arenas of Clash Royale. Although it is a deck with a high elixir cost, it is effective in different situations! In general, for Arena 14 you will want to prioritize PEKKA. Always send this unit from your middle of the battlefield. This way, you will have time to place other units next to it.

While bandit and royal ghost are great cards to support PEKKA, pay attention. If the enemy sends several strong units, you should use the electric wizard or magic archer to cover PEKKA. In turn, poison and discharge are two ideal spells to clear the way and counter units in a group.

Deck 2

  • Cards: Knight, Princess, Dart Launcher Goblin, Skeleton Army, Skeleton Barrel, Goblin Barrel, Trunk, and Inferno Tower.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.1.

This second deck is one of the cheapest that we propose in this article. The knight and princess are the centerpieces to attack. Send one of these along with the skeleton army and focus on a tower. The Skeleton Barrel and Goblin Barrel are perfect as offensive props, especially the latter. When enemy units try to get rid of your knight, launch a barrel of goblins behind or next to them!

As for defense, the infernal tower and the log do this very well. If the enemy sends air units, you should take out the sprite thrower, and if necessary, also the princess. The knight, due to his stamina, can delay the enemy advance, but it is better that you use it to attack.

Deck 3

  • Cards: Dark Prince, Princess, Valkyrie, Ice Golem, Elite Barbarians, Skeleton Dragons, Fireball, and Bolt.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.6.

With this third proposal you will have a good balance between offensive capacity and endurance. The princess and the skeleton dragons serve as support units for the others. It is recommended to start with the ice golem and the princess, feeling the opponent in the first seconds. The Valkyrie or the Dark Prince are useful as mini tanks. And what about the elite barbarians? It’s your ace up your sleeve to attack!

Always have the fireball cycle or blast to counter enemy actions. Don’t waste all your units trying to defend; Spells already do that function well! However, if you find yourself in a tight spot, feel free to throw ice golems and skeleton dragons.

Deck 4

  • Cards: Fire Thrower, Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Bats, Rocket, and the Log.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.

The hog rider is the linchpin in this inexpensive deck. He is in charge of destroying towers, and the other cards will help him to fulfill his mission. Mini PEKKA and Ice Golem are two units that can take the damage instead of the Hog Rider, so it’s good to send them right before him.

If the opponent responds to your movements by launching air units or in a group, it is time to counterattack. The Fire Launcher, Bats, Ice Spirit, and Rocket are ideal for this task. If the ground enemies are gathering on one of the bridges, throw the log on them!

Deck 5

  • Cards: Noble Giant, PEKKA, Dark Prince, Bomber, Electric Spirit, The Trunk, Fireball, and Tesla Tower.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.9.

This combination of cards is less popular, but it can be used as an alternative to Arena 14. The noble giant and PEKKA are the tanks in this deck. The rest of the units (dark prince, bomber and electric spirit) will help the tanks in the task of besieging the enemy towers.

The Electric Spirit and Bomber, being the cheapest units, are the ones you’ll want to ship frequently. Defend yourself with the trunk and the Tesla tower. When you have the noble giant / PEKKA and the cycled fireball, it’s time to lay siege! Send your tank along with another unit, and prepare to launch the fireball when the enemy counterattacks.

Deck 6

  • Cards: prince, dark prince, giant goblin, goblins with spears, gang of goblins, bats, fireball and volley.
  • Average cost of elixir: 3.5.

We end up with a deck of cards that has a clear goal: overwhelm the opponent with group units! The key cards are the two princes and the giant goblin, a tank that is accompanied by two goblins with spears. The best way to start is to send the cheap cards: goblins with spears, gang of goblins and bats. The large number of units will make the opponent nervous.

The strategy is to never hit the brakes. Still, build up elixir little by little to dispatch strong units. It is appropriate to send the giant goblin along with goblins with spears / bats, or any of the princes together with the goblin gang. Finally, have both spells ready to clear enemy hordes and damage strong enemy units.

In addition to these decks, feel free to look at the best decks for Clash Royale Arena 13 . Several of these also work in Arena 14. If you struggle to win trophies, experiment with the decks for Arena 13. Remember: the important thing is to learn to harness the potential of each card and to know how to react to your opponent’s actions. Practice makes a master!


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