Hearthstone Guide: Best Marine Fox Decks

Here are the decks in which the new legendary Marine Fox plays the best.

Marine Fox is a new card in Hearthstone that was introduced after BlizzCon 2017. The Legendary Creature was introduced with an extreme change in Update 9.4 on November 6, 2017. A similar situation occurred when gifts were given for entering the game before the release of the Expedition to Un’Goro expansion , players received a rare gold Vulcanosaurus card.

Immediately after the introduction of the card into the game, the community began to test “Marine Fox” in a variety of decks, but it did not find its place in all.

“Marine Fox”

In this guide we will tell you about the most interesting and effective builds, including “Marine Fox”, their description, tips for choosing a starting hand and gameplay.

Budget Control Warrior

It would seem, when you heard the phrase budgetary “Control Warrior”? Most likely nobody heard. The Warrior Control deck in this assembly focuses on controlling the table with powerful creatures, which are abundant in the deck, as well as dealing damage to them in order to activate their special abilities. The assembly includes only one legendary card, which you can get for free. If you’re new to Hearthstone, then this deck is perfect for you to learn the basics of the archetype.

Deck of the budgetary “Control Warrior”

Deck code : AAECAQcElgaDCfsMpOcCDZAD1AT8BI4FkQbUCIKtAtKuAv68Aoe / ApvCAszNAqbOAgA =

Starting hand

  • “I know someone. ” A great spell to start the game. The map will help you align the mana curve so that you can put the optimal creature for you on each turn.
  • “Armor Master”. A good creature that will allow you to gain a large amount of armor to increase survivability.
  • Whirlwind or Wild Ghoul. Control Warrior needs cards with this effect, since he is capable of almost completely clearing the table.

How to play

The deck involves a slow and long style of play, designed to eliminate all of the opponent’s threats. Control Warrior has a lot of creatures and spells for this, but in the budget version it still has a lot more creatures. You need to grab the table slowly and exchange weapons and spells with your opponent’s creatures. You shouldn’t play too greedily and save the same “Execute” on the largest creature, if it will help keep your part of the board in order. There are many frenzied creatures in this build whose abilities activate when you take damage, so use Whirlwind wisely, making the most of it.

Jade Druid

Jade Druid is an archetype that appeared with the release of the Vile City of Gadgetzan expansion and has not left its leading positions in rating games since then. The deck plays on the synergy of Jade Lotus cards, summoning Jade Golems, each of which is + 1 / + 1 stronger than the last. The main card that made this archetype so powerful is the Jade Idol – it not only summons the Jade Golem, but also provides an alternative choice that shuffles three copies of this card back into your deck, making its resources just endless.

Jade Druid deck

Deck code : AAECAZICCvIFoQauqwK + rgKUvQLkwgLJxwKgzQKZ0wKk5wIKQF + KAcQG5Ai0uwLLvALPvALdvgKHzgIA

Starting hand

  • The Jade Idol. Overclocking the Jade Golems early helps in the confrontation with any deck, but in any case, do not shuffle three copies from the first move – this will ruin your deck and you risk not getting the right cards at the right time.
  • “Wild Growth”. A very important spell that allows you to gain an advantage in mana crystals. It also allows you to play your big threats much earlier than your opponent. At the late stage of the game, it can serve as a draw card – when played, it turns into a zero-mana card “Mana Excess”.
  • “Jade Flower”. It performs approximately the same function as Wild Growth, but at the same time summons the Jade Golem and cannot serve as an add-on at the late stage of the game.
  • “Gift of Nature”. In most cases, this spell can and even should be left in the starting hand, since the Druid always has ways to quickly accumulate mana. In addition, “Gift of Nature” can be used not only as additional crystals of mana, but also serve as a draw of cards.
  • “Anger”. The main spell for dealing with aggressive decks early in the game, which is very flexible and can perform several functions at once.

How to play

The presented assembly is no different from the standard “Jade Druid”, except for several additions in the form of “Marine Fox” and “Mad Alchemist”, designed for instant combination with the subsequent destruction of the treasure chest. The deck needs early acceleration in mana in order to get ahead of the enemy in tempo and mana crystals. For the “Jade Druid” it is in the order of things to have nine or even ten mana crystals on the sixth turn, which makes it possible to correctly distribute them to your powerful threats without much difficulty.

Dragon Priest

“Dragon Priest” is an archetype that arose during the release of the adventure “Black Mountain”, but still has some relevance, although most of the main dragons have gone into a free format. The deck is played by a large number of creatures, mainly dragons, which have their own unique synergy. The deck also contains cards for killing an opponent in one move – two copies of “Divine Spirit” and “Inner Fire”.

Dragon Priest deck

Deck code : AAECAa0GBNMKtbsCvsgCpOcCDfgC5QSNCNEK8gyCtQK6uwLwuwLqvwLRwQLYwQLKwwLKywIA

Starting hand

  • “Cleric of Northshire. ” The creature does an excellent job of its task – it blocks some of the opponent’s actions with the drawing of cheap creatures so that the Priest cannot draw additional cards. With all this, it has excellent characteristics for its value.
  • Power Word: Shield. The spell empowers your creatures, granting them additional health and increasing their survivability.
  • Dark Visions. An excellent card to find the answer to any threat to your opponent, or to find the card you need for a combination.

How to play

“Dragon Priest” plays with a focus on the middle of the game. In the beginning, you don’t have a lot of tools to deal with your opponent, but at the same time, you can set the stage for further action. There are a large number of dragons in the deck, which makes the matchup with “Kazakus Priest” very positive, since it is difficult for him to cope with one or two dragons, and there are already eight of them. “Dragonfire Potion” never be greedy and give it whenever possible, because there are practically no ideal situations for its use. Do not forget to calculate all the available damage, because sometimes it is better to direct it to the opponent’s character than to spend it on exchanging and clearing the table. As a finisher, we can single out “Marine Fox”, or rather its treasure chest 0/8. It can be stolen with the “Potion of Madness”

Check out the video from the creator of the deck, it shows itself very worthy and the matches turn out to be quite intense.

Free format bonus deck: “OTK Priest”

OTK Priest is an archetype that has a similar idea to the Dragon Priest deck presented earlier. Its main task is to put on the table, at first glance, creatures that are weak, but with a large supply of health, and destroy the enemy in one move with a combination of a pair of “Divine Spirits” and “Inner Fire”.

Deck “OTK Priest”

Deck code : AAEBAa0GBNcK1hG + yAKk5wIN7QH4AuUE9gfRCtIK8gz7DP4Njw + 1uwLRwQLYwQIA


Marine Fox is an extremely interesting card with potentially powerful mechanics, but it hasn’t found its use at the moment. It remains to be hoped for the upcoming addition of “Kobolds and Catacombs”, in which, perhaps, a new mechanic of interaction with the treasure will appear. We hope this guide helped you. If you have your own options for interesting decks with a new legendary creature – share in the comments!

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