Clash Royale guide: the best 2v2 maps

In a 2v2 battle, there are cards that work most effectively in this battle format. What are these cards, we will talk further.

Fire ball

An excellent tool against massive enemy attacks. In just four elixirs, you have the opportunity to destroy a fairly powerful offensive, on which the enemy could spend more than 15 elixir. This spell is also good at finishing off towers.


This spell is not as powerful as Fireball , but it can hit more ground opponents and push them back. You can also finish off enemy soldiers with a Log .


Imagine if you use this spell on two armies at once? An enemy tower can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. The main thing is to use Rage in time .


Healing two armies at once with one spell is a very effective move!


With this spell, everything is also quite simple. In 2v2 battles, we can clone a lot more soldiers.


Thanks to the drop of Rage , the Lumberjack will strengthen the army behind him, which is very effective in 2v2 battles.

Giant skeleton

An excellent option for protection, since it will not only delay the enemy army, but also leave behind a bomb that can inflict huge damage on enemy fighters.

Fire Spirits \ Fiery Furnace

Thanks to massive damage, Fire Spirits will become very effective against large concentrations of creatures, which will help both in defense and attack.

Ice spirit

Freezing a huge army for one unit of elixir is an incredibly profitable move.


With a massive attack, high health, and the ability to knock back opponents, Bouncer is able to become an effective defender of towers.


Huge damage and a large radius of destruction allows Sparky to deal with a huge number of enemy warriors.


Due to its radius, the Tornado is able to delay a large enough enemy unit.


The princess has a high range and a large radius of destruction. Thanks to this, she is capable of inflicting great damage on the enemy army.

Mega Knight

With massive health, leap and massive attack, the Mega Knight is the perfect tank in a 2v2 battle.


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