100 Examples of Personality adjectives

Personality adjectives are those adjectives that provide data about the personality of the subject they describe. They are used in subjective or objective descriptions that seek to convey the qualities, emotions, morals or behavior of a person. For example: demanding, thoughtful, introverted. 

Personality adjectives do not indicate a physical quality of the person. For example, if we say that Susana is skinny , the adjective skinny indicates a physical quality, and not her personality.

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Types of personality adjectives

According to the assessment made of the person, three types of personality adjectives can be distinguished:

  • Positive personality adjectives . They try to highlight a positive quality or aspect of the person. For example: creative, enthusiastic, organized. 
  • Negative personality adjectives . They are used to mark negative characteristics or weaknesses of someone’s personality. For example: insecure, proud, stubborn. 
  • Ambiguous personality adjectives . Its interpretation depends on the context. In some circumstances, these qualities can be positive while, in other situations, they are negative adjectives. For example: quiet / talkative.
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Examples of personality adjectives


open energetic objective
active delivered optimistic
current enthusiastic organized
adaptable stable organized
affable ethical oriented
agile of mind exactly patient
pleasant demanding perceptual
cheerful expert persistent
alert extroverted persuasive
nice reliable polyvalent
ambitious trustworthy weighted
friendly faithful positive
analytical firm practical
game flexible cautious
assertive formal precise
attentive generous farsighted
authentic skilled productive
capable talkative prudent
with personality honest punctual
cautious imaginative Quick
cautious Independent reasonable
Sure inventive right
coherent jovial reflexive
collaborator just relaxed
comprehensive laborious respectful
communicator loyal responsable
conciliator Leader resolved
concrete logical insurance
trustworthy mature sensible
aware powerful sensitive
constant mathematical serene
constructive mechanical nice
checked memorable sincere
conversationalist methodical systematic
charming thorough solver
convincing motivating touch
cooperative deal maker tenacious
coordinator worthy tolerant
cordial diplomatic employee
cuts discreet calm
creative economic virtuous
judicious even brave
critical educated seller
careful effective versed
decided efficient business vision
who knows how to delegate executive dialogue
unwrapped entrepreneur retailer
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Bored Conceited Heavy
Curmudgeon Strict Smug
Crackpot Strange Weird
Coward Naive Rigorous
Conservative Introvert Severe
Conventional Mad Stingy
Coquette Gangster Stubborn
Believed Grumpy Strong headed
Cruel Bad Shy
Neglected Tricky Stubborn
Carefree Modest Vague
Argumentative Proud Poisonous
Selfish Lazy Shameful
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Examples of sentences with personality adjectives

  1. The director was very convincing , ambitious and confident .
  2. The teacher is very responsible and always complies with the appropriate times.
  3. My brother is very stubborn , he never listens to opinions contrary to his.
  4. My cousins ​​are lazy , none of them have a steady job.
  5. My friends are very sincere and that is why I trust their criteria.
  6. Ramiro is very vain , he is always talking about his latest professional achievements.
  7. The clown was very heavy , nobody laughed at his jokes.
  8. Tamara’s sister is very conceited , that’s why no one invites her to birthdays.
  9. Ángeles is a very confident girl , she will surely achieve all her goals.
  10. My dad is very thoughtful and always brings up very interesting topics of conversation.
  11. My grandmother is very tolerant of her grandchildren.
  12. Tobias’s attitude was shameful , so he had to resign from the position.
  13. Raquel is a stubborn woman , it is very difficult to make her change her mind.
  14. The neighbor across the street is crazy , don’t open the door for him.
  15. Pablo is a bad boy , he doesn’t get along with the rest of the group.
  16. I am a punctual person and I don’t like people who don’t keep schedules.
  17. Miriam is a woman very faithful to her convictions.
  18. My mom was always a very hardworking and successful woman .
  19. Employees were responsible for company slogans.
  20. Thanks to his leadership power , Mateo achieved a great political career.


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