All Destiny 2 Fishing Spots – Locations, Fish and How to Unlock

All Guardians need a break from time to time, and fishing is an activity introduced in Destiny 2 to give us a break from hunting ads. The game has several locations where players can drop their hooks and try their luck at this laid-back activity. But unfortunately, when I started my game, wanting to try it, I found that I couldn’t go fishing right away. Find out how to unlock fishing and where to place the chair in this guide!

How to unlock fishing in Destiny 2

You can unlock fishing in Destiny 2 by starting the Into the Deep quest. Do the following:

  • Start Into the Depths
  • When you complete step 5, after Sloane successfully strengthens his connection through Asa, talk to herthrough the holoprojector in HELM. This will start the “Gone Fishin” quest.
  • Go to the Tower Bazaar. Talk to Hawthorneand show her the fishing tackle.
  • Collect 20 Lureby doing the following:
    • Salvation
    • Deep dive
    • Playlist actions
    • Public events
    • Patrols
    • Collection of destination materials
  • Catch some fish

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All fishing spots in Destiny 2

There are three fishing spots in Destiny 2. You can find them in the following worlds:

  • EMZ
  • Ness
  • Throneworld of Savatuna

To make them easier to find, look for a pier with koi fish flags marked with a blue spotlight.

How to successfully fish in Destiny 2 and get the perfect catch

Once you get to the fishing spot in Destiny 2, you can start fishing. Press the hint button to start a mini-game. Wait for the float to move underwater. Time is of the essence here; you need to catch the fish as soon as the bobber starts to go down to get the perfect catch. To maximize the chances of a quality catch, make sure you have some bait in your inventory. You can fish without it, but the chance to catch quality fish will be lower. There are 28 different types of fish of the following quality:

  • Legendary quality: 10 types
  • Rare quality: 14 types
  • Unusual quality 4 types

After you catch the fish, you can place it in the aquarium in HELM. Each new type of fish you place in your aquarium will earn you cool rewards, including seasonal weapons, seasonal titles, aquarium decorations, and more.

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