Where to find fishing spots at Genshin Impact

Fishing is the hottest new trend in Impact Genshin 2.1 , with over 20 types of fish to be caught with different fishing rods. There is even a Claymore who is a gigantic and luxurious sea lord. Where can Genshin Impact players find fishing spots?.Fishing spots can be found all over Teyvat, in Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma.Genshin Impact players will first need to obtain a fishing rod from a major city, as well as craft some bait at an alchemy table before leaving.

The map above shows all known fishing locations in Genshin Impact and will update in real time over time as more are discovered and added to the game.

There is currently a well-known location in Mondstadt, north of Stormterror’s Lair.

In Liyue, the fishing spots are located at:

  • Aozang
  • The rivers east of Mount Hutao
  • Tianqiu Valley
  • The western side of Dihua Marsh
  • Luhua swimming pool
  • The peninsula south of the port of Liyue

The fishing locations in Inazuma can be found on:

  • Ritou Village
  • Sugetsu pool
  • The north end of the Sagonomiya Shrine
  • Koseki village
  • Across the water from Koseki village

Types of fish

While fishing, players can catch:

  • Constant angelfish
  • Aizen Medaka
  • Akai Maou
  • Betta
  • Bitter puffer fish
  • Brown Shirakodai
  • crystal fish
  • Dawncatcher
  • Glaze Medaka
  • Golden koi
  • elongated stickleback
  • Medaka
  • Lunar fin puffer fish
  • Purple Shirakodai
  • Raimei Angelfish
  • Koi rusty
  • Snowstrider
  • Medaka of sweet flowers
  • tea color
  • Poisonous Thornfish
  • All pre-2.1 fish
  • Black bass
  • Low blue
  • Gold bass

Fish come in normal and ornamental varieties, the latter of which can be viewed in a player’s Serenitea vase.


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