New World fishing guide: how to catch your first fish

In this guide, we will tell you how to craft a fishing rod, where to get bait and how to catch rare fish in New World.

In the new MMO New World, you can engage in gathering, hunting, and fishing. Each hero can increase his fishing skill and catch more valuable fish in the designated areas. We have prepared all the information about fishing in the New World game: how to get a fishing rod and catch your first fish, as well as improve your character’s fishing skill level.

How to get a fishing rod (Wooden Fishing Pole) and pump fishing skill

You can craft your first fishing rod in New World at the camp or at the crafting stand in the capital of your region.

What resources are needed to craft a Wooden Fishing Pole:

  • Branches (Green Wood) – 1 unit;
  • Herbs (Fibers) – 1 unit.

Regardless of the region in which you complete the storyline tasks and pump your character, in order to learn how to fish, you need to go to Windsward and find Michael Shield. This character is located on the lake to the left of the regional capital.

Michael Shield will instruct you to craft a fishing rod. When you have done this, return to Michael and take the next assignment. You need to catch some fish in the lake. The best fish are found right near the shore, to the left of the pier. Approach the pier and pay attention to the splashing fish. Catch the right amount of fish and head to Dena Ruby, which sits on the border of the Everfall and Ebonscale Reach regions.

Location Dena Ruby

Location Dena Ruby

Location Dena Ruby

When you do this, your skill will be increased by several levels. You can track the level of the skill in the tab of the hero’s indicators (key “K”, section “Trade skill”).

Where to get the bait

Using bait to fish in New World is completely optional. The bait is only needed to catch rare fish. There are several types of bait in the game. The most common ones are:

  • Firefly beetle(Firefly Bait) – used in fresh water;
  • Multiped(Woodlouse Bait) – used in fresh water;
  • Firefly(Glowworm Bait) – Used in salt water.

You can find large numbers of fireflies near water bodies if you try to collect reeds (Reeds). When collecting reeds, there is a small chance that bait will be added to your inventory. Also, the bait can be obtained by collecting the Rose hip.

Reed collection

There is only one way to find out if the body of water in front of you is fresh or salty. Enter the water and try to get some water. At this moment one of the inscriptions “Fresh water” or “Salt water” will appear on the screen.

How to fish in New World

The mechanics of catching fish in the game are very simple. If you have a fishing rod in your inventory, go to any body of water and press the “F3” key. Throw the line as far as possible. At this moment, a scale with a slider will appear, you need to stop it at the right moment.

Before the fish bite, the icon above the water will quickly move up and down, and you will see the inscription “Get ready!”. When the fishing line icon changes to the image of a fish, you need to click on the RMB for a certain time. If you do not have time to do this, then the fish will break off the hook.

If you did everything correctly, the fish will catch on the hook, and all you have to do is pull it to the shore. This is not difficult to do. Press the RMB until the line tension is in the allowable zone (highlighted in green). High line tension is displayed in orange and red. If you do not follow the tension, the fish will fall off the line and you will have to start all over again.

What kind of fish can be caught in New World

This list is updated as new fish are found in the game:

  • Small Pike – Common fish
  • Small Salmon – Common fish
  • Small Bass – Common fish
  • Small Perch – Common fish
  • Medium Salmon – Common fish
  • Medium Pike – Common fish
  • Medium Perch – Common fish
  • Large Bass – common fish;
  • Large Perch – Common fish
  • Tadpole – unusual fish
  • Medium Catfish – An unusual fish
  • Large Catfish is an unusual fish.


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