How to get all threat level event icons in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has launched the Threat Level event, where players can unlock cosmetic items by completing challenges. In addition to all cosmetic items, you can earn four unique badges from the Threat Level Event trophy tracker. These badges can be equipped for all characters in the game. Here’s how to get all four threat level event icons in Apex Legends.

How to get all four threat level event icons in Apex Legends

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The Threat Level event will be available in Apex Legends from May 23 to June 6, 2023. During this time, you can complete various tasks and earn up to 1600 points daily. Keep in mind that these challenges stack with Battle Pass quests, so you can easily complete multiple of them together. Leveling up in the trophy tracker will reward you not only with cosmetics, but also with four unique threat level icons. Here are all four badges in the Threat Level event and how to earn them.

  • Threat Hunter:Deal 50,000 damage in any mode during the Threat Level event.
  • Threat Coordinator:Get 100 kills or assists in any mode during the Threat Level event.
  • Mender Threat Level:Recover 5000 HP. health in any mode during a threat level event.
  • Threat Level Wizard:Get all other threat level icons.

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While the objectives are relatively easy, many players may find it difficult to get 100 kills or deal 50,000 damage in Battle Royale. Luckily, you can complete these tasks in the Mixtape playlist and limited-time control mode. These game modes allow you to fight opponents more often in a much smaller environment. We recommend choosing legends such as Fuse, Rampart, Valkyrie, Caustic, Wattson, Lifeline, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Revenant, Mad Maggie, Wraith, and Octane to quickly complete challenges and unlock badges.

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