How to get more legend tokens in Apex Legends

Video games have always been one of the best entertainment creations for people, through evolution, these have been integrated into various electronic devices. One of these are PCs and through them you can play online. However, it should be noted that, at present, we can find high-quality free game platforms , such as that offered by Apex Legends.

This platform offers a free game, which is characterized by belonging to the Battle Royale genre. In order to enjoy it, you will have to download Apex Legends  from your main platform. This game allows its users the possibility of generating virtual tokens and coins. Through this article, we will learn the ways to get legend tokens and other types of currencies within the Apex Legends game .

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  1. What types of currencies exist in Apex Legends?
    1. Apex Coins
    2. manufacturing metals
    3. legend tokens
  2. What is the best way to spend my Legend Tokens?
  3. What characters can I unlock with Legend Tokens?

What types of currencies exist in Apex Legends?

Within the Apex Legends platform, there are several types of currencies that are generated during the game in order to be able to buy the things that are in the game store. Within the option to get coins, you can also correct the freezing code or progress failure with the following coins available in Apex Legends.

Apex Coins

Apex coins are one of the main coins in the game. They are considered as the premium currencies of the game, they are bought with real money. Through them, you can purchase the Apex Packs, which are objects found in the Apex Legends battles store. The prices of these coins at present are distributed as follows:

  • For 9.99 euros: 1,000 Apex Coins.
  • For 19.99 euros: 2,000 Apex Coins with 150 extras.
  • For 29.99 euros: 4,000 Apex Coins with 250 extras.
  • For 59.99 euros: 6,000 Apex Coins with 700 extras.
  • For 99.99 euros: 10,000 Apex Coins with 1,500 extras.

manufacturing metals

Crafting metals belong to the other group of currencies that are part of the Apex Legends game. They are used in order to create specific cosmetic items, especially legends, weapons and their skins, and more varieties of things.

legend tokens

Legend Tokens are earned as you level up in the game. The more you play, the more chance you have to generate the legend tokens , until you reach the maximum player level. These tokens are to be used through the battle shop and you can unlock exclusive colors of the physical appearance of legendary weapons or get new legends.

What is the best way to spend my Legend Tokens?

Considering that Legend Tokens are earned through in-game play, it is very important to note that you can report a cheater in Apex Legends  in order to get these tokens. Each time it is played, you will be able to withdraw a final reward, depending on the play you had and how it ended. That is, if you were eliminated very quickly, the reward will not be enough.

Now, if your score is positioned within the top ten or within the top six, the reward you can claim will be more generous. This reward can be seen in the form of XP, which will level up. By doing so, you will get 600 Legends Tokens and also an Apex Pack.

It should be noted that these legend tokens will be mounted so that they can be used within the store as the player sees fit. The Apex Pack is made up of various mixes between crafting metals , weapon skins, emotes, player skins, and a variety of other things. These are usually just cosmetics that won’t affect anything major in the game.

What characters can I unlock with Legend Tokens?

Every time you play and level up, you can unlock the legend tokens that will help us unlock characters that are within the Apex Legends platform. Also, in the event that some other player bothers us, we can silence the companions in Apex Legends  in order to have a better concentration to level up .

In the same way, it should be noted that the characters that are available to be downloaded through the legend tokens that are earned during the games, are the ones that will be mentioned below:

  • Caustic: This Apex Legends character can be purchased from the start of the game. He is the easiest to get.
  • Mirage: Like the previous one, this can be obtained at the exit of the game.
  • Octane: In order to use this character, it can be purchased from season 1.
  • Wattson: Purchasable starting in Season 2.
  • Crypto: This is one of the favorite characters, which can be obtained from season 3.

It is important to highlight that the change of characters within the Apex Legends game will directly help improve the ways of playing, skills and the experience you have with this game.

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