How To to get craft metals in Apex Legends?

In today’s world, we can find a wide variety of online gaming platforms that help us entertain ourselves and have a good time with friends. Day by day their modalities are updated, some being better than others. One of the most used today is Apex Legends. It is a Battle Royale style video game platform, it is free and can be used from the PC by downloading Apex Legends  from its main page.

Through this game, coins can be generated within it, which help to buy improvements within the market or virtual store that it has. It has three coins inside of it, one of them is the craft metals. Now, how can we obtain these craft metals while playing Apex Legends? To know the steps, keep reading the article.

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  1. What is the way to get craft metals in Apex Legends?
    1. level up
    2. Purchase of packages
  2. Where to see the number of craft metals you have?
  3. How does each currency work in the Apex Legends game?

What is the way to get craft metals in Apex Legends?

It should be noted that the Apex Legends platform allows its players several ways to win and thus generate coins . Encouraging to position yourself within the top ten or top Six, in order to generate enough craft metals to be able to buy a new character or cosmetic item in the in-game store. Now, within the best tricks to win in Apex Legends , we find those that will be mentioned:

level up

One of the ways to more easily generate craft metals in the game is by leveling up. It is important to know that not at all levels you can enjoy the things that the virtual store brings, therefore, to achieve this and unlock a character or cosmetic item, it is important to increase the level. The ways to do this is to play and position yourself first, because if you play, but lose immediately, you will not raise anything.

The ideal way to level up easily is to find practice in the game and the necessary tricks to be able to beat the opponent and know what measures make you win in the online game. The more you earn and the better you rank, the more Craft Metals you can generate.

Purchase of packages

Another way to be able to have handcrafted metals with you in your online game wallet is by buying the packages that are available. The difference with the level increase option is that the previous one is completely free and to obtain the metals in this way, it is necessary to play and win. Whereas, when you  buy the packs , you have to pay with real money to have the amount you want in craft metals.

On the platform they indicate the prices of the packages along with the amount of coins that it brings so that they can be used within the Apex Legends game.

Where to see the number of craft metals you have?

Since the Apex Legends game is played online and played with other people, you can talk to them while you are playing. Therefore, in case you want to disable the chat microphone , you can do it without any problem. Likewise, it happens in the case that you want to see the number of craft metals that you have inside your wallet in Apex Legends. To know this, you will need to do the following:

  • At the top right of the screen, you will be able to see all the craft metals that are available to you in the game.
  • To make use of this currency, you must select the cosmetic, weapon or character you want to unlock.
  • Once there, you must right click to see how many coins you need to unlock it.
  • If you have enough, you must select the “Unlock” button.
  • Once there, any craft metals in your wallet will be deducted and the purchased item will be unlocked for free use.

How does each currency work in the Apex Legends game?

As mentioned, the Apex Legends platform allows users who belong to it the opportunity to play online with several other people , therefore, if there are audio difficulties, the error audio\ship\general_english can be solved .mstr . Likewise, another of the features that it allows is to earn virtual coins from the same application.

Apex Legends has three types of currencies , which are used for various things and are obtained in different ways in the game. The operation of these currencies are as follows:

  • Apex Coins: These coins work on a premium basis, since they are obtained through a purchase you make with real money. Apex packs, relevant items from the shop, and new legends (Game Characters) can be purchased with this currency.
  • Sayings of Legend: This currency is obtained through the game. Each time you level up, the tokens will be obtained. The operation that can be given to these coins is to buy cosmetics in the store for the XP generated or in the case of the reward of up to 12,000 tokens, new characters can be bought.
  • Craft metals: Finally, this currency is also obtained through winning games. They are also included in the Apex packs and you can buy cosmetic upgrades, weapon skins and legends with them.


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