How to quickly level up weapons in Apex Legends

Weapon Mastery was added in Season 17, allowing players to level up individual weapons to earn rewards. Each weapon can be upgraded to level 100, which requires a total of 1,000,000 weapon experience points. Along with XP, every 20 levels, you’ll unlock a Trial to advance further, which are special challenges to complete with that weapon. 1,000,000 XP and five challenges is a lot for a single weapon, but here’s how to level up a weapon quickly in Apex Legends.

Weapon XP can be earned in any game mode, including Battle Royale, Arenas, and Mixtape. Weapon XP is earned by holding a weapon, dealing damage, getting kills, headshots, and getting into a match. . However, some activities earn more experience than others, so it’s important to know what earns more experience if you want to level up quickly. Here are the best ways to earn XP fast in each category.

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Holding a weapon

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Simply owning a weapon brings the most experience out of all categories. You gain XP for every second you hold a weapon, but a hidden weapon does not generate XP. The easiest way to earn XP for weapon proficiency is to play Battle Royale and hold the same weapon throughout the match. While holding a weapon, you will gain a large amount of experience points, but it will also make you significantly slower than with the weapon stashed.

Committing kills with weapons

Getting kills with a weapon is another way to gain XP from a weapon, though it doesn’t generate as much as just holding a weapon, unless you’re getting a significant amount of kills in a match. Getting kills only means getting the last shot that finishes off the enemy, however, damaging an enemy also generates XP, so you can gain some weapon experience by dealing damage and killing.

Dealing Damage

Dealing damage also generates experience, but some players may find that it doesn’t generate as much as killing and just holding a weapon. You can earn more weapon experience in the damage category by dealing damage while sliding, ziplining, or jumping, so adding a little movement to your shots can increase your weapon experience quite a bit.

Getting shot in the head

Getting a headshot can be tricky in the heat of battle, but if you get a few shots during a match, you’ll gain some weapon experience. While it doesn’t seem like much, when combined with damage and kills, this will result in significant weapon XP. Leveling up sniper and ranged weapons can be tedious, but headshots will speed up the process.


Playing in the Battle Royale mode, you will earn weapon experience for your place in the match. Weapon placement experience is shared between the most used weapons during a match, so if you stick with the same gear and last longer, you will earn more experience for that weapon.

Ultimately, if you’re trying to level up a single weapon, a good strategy is to quickly find it during battle royale matches, hold it for as long as possible, deal damage, and kill, perhaps with a few headshots. Once you reach a sufficient level, you will be asked to take a test with this weapon, which must be completed in order to advance to other levels.


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