All Free Apex Legends Threat Level Rewards and How to Earn Them

The Apex Legends Threat Level event runs from May 23, 2023 to June 6, 2023 and includes new cosmetics for purchase, control as a special event Mixtape mode, and a free reward chain to complete. Even though Threat Level is more of a store event, players can still earn free rewards by completing daily quests. Here are all the free rewards in the Threat Level event and how to get them.

Apex Legends threat level event reward list

Like most events in Apex Legends, the free reward chain will be available to all players and can be earned by playing any game mode and completing daily quests consisting only of games, kills, getting a certain place in a match, and more. Challenges will reset every day, giving you the opportunity to earn more free rewards. Here are the levels of the reward system and the points needed to unlock them.

  • 250 points: holographic spray and threat level badge
  • 500 points: Charm
  • 750 points: 3-Star Battle Pass
  • 1000 points: Rare Apex Pack
  • 1250 points: Banner frame
  • 1500 points: holographic spray
  • 2000 points: charm
  • 2500 points: 25 crafting metals
  • 3000 points: 3-Star Battle Pass
  • 3500 points: 25 crafting metals
  • 4000 points: Spitfire skin
  • 5000 points: crypto skin

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Up to 1600 points can be earned each day, so players can complete the free reward chain in as little as three days after completing each daily challenge. During the event, players can go to Battle Royale to earn points, or alternatively play Control game mode to earn points.

Check out the free Threat Level event reward tracker below to see the cosmetic items you can earn from May 23rd to June 6th.

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