Guide: All Genshin Impact Fishing Locations and Fish Spawn Times

With update 2.1 miHoYo added fishing to Genshin Impact . We have already talked about the basic rules of fishing , fishing rods, bait and fish farming in previous guides. In this we will dwell on where and when to go for the catch (not with a spear – but we have already written about it ).

Where to fish

Fishing spots are scattered throughout Teytwat:

  • 8 of them are located in Mondstadt;
  • 11 – in Li Yue;
  • 8 – in Inazuma.

You can catch fish in almost every body of water on the map. Of course, each species will have its own range and time of activity. For example, if ordinary Medusia are found in any region, then the raymay angel fish can be found only in one place and exclusively at night.

If you need to see all the habitats of a certain type of fish, then the easiest way is to use the interactive map of Teytvat . It may well be considered the most authoritative source in this matter, since the site is maintained by the developer studio itself.

This is how all fishing spots look on the interactive map

In addition, along with the update, a new map marker in the form of a fish hook was added to the game. It is needed to indicate favorite fishing spots. It will be very helpful if you are farming a certain type of fish and do not want to constantly pry into the interactive map.

How fish spawn

In order for the fishing spot, in which all the prey was caught, to be filled with living creatures again, you will have to wait 72 hours of real time, or three days. That is, in fact, the fish respawn is the same as that of most local wonders and other materials that need to be collected in the open world: plants, lapis, etc. loot.

Changing the date on a device (phone, PC, console) won’t work.

Naturally, if you need a not very rare fish that can be caught at several points, then you should just head to another place. If the fish is rare and all the places where it is found are exhausted, then do not despair – friends will help you here.

The game allows you to fish in the worlds of other Travelers . Once you get there, all 27 fishing spots on the map will be open to you as well. Of course, you can join not only a friend, but also any hospitable player through the co-op menu (just do not forget to ask permission to fish first). In general, even such a large cooldown shouldn’t be a big problem.

What time does the fish appear

Some fish species appear only during the day or only at night. If you have arrived at the place indicated on the map, and you cannot see the necessary loot, then it may be a matter of the time of day. Rewind the time of day in the Paimon menu to update the fish stock in the reservoirs.

The following fish species will spawn at a strictly defined time of the day.

Only in the afternoon (from 6:00 to 18:00):

  • crystal fish;
  • purple butterfly fish;
  • eternal angel fish.

Only at night (from 18:00 to 6:00):

  • double-breathing stickleback;
  • dawn catcher;
  • raymay angel fish.


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