10 Advantages of A Good Teaching Method;You Must Know

If you have not acquired advantages of good method, we will  explain in this article  some of the benefits of a good teaching method which every teacher must know.

  • It economies the time both of teacher and taught.
  • It secures a maximum of result with a minimum of effort.
  •  Not only is labor saved, blight what is more important, the mischief arising from wrongly directed effort and the harmful effects of worry are minimized.
  • It prevents weariness and over strain on the part of the children.
  •  It tends to thoroughness, and assists in securing attention by making the work interesting.
  •  It helps to banish spasmodic effort, and inspires the teacher with the confidence necessary for good work. He feels he is prepared to do his best, and, though he may not accomplish all he could wish, he at least avoids the more dangerous pitfalls which surround the careless and unwary teacher at all times.
  • It prevents as fax as possible the disheartening attendant upon failure.
  •  It leaves the teacher’s mind free to make the best use of any opportunities that may arise in the course of his work.
by Abdullah Sam
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