Great Essay About Characteristics of A Good Teacher In School

What defines Characteristics of A Good Teacher? What is the key to success of Effective teacher?Teachers  should be, the reference points of the students.A “good teacher” must be a philosopher and a father. The teacher should also be enthusiastic when teaching … If a teacher does not believe in what he is saying, the students will not. A great teacher is patient and keeps the welfare of the students. 

 We Cover essay about important characteristics of good teaching as follows :—
  •  It is simple and graduated in form, and shows a steady development of the subject with which it deals.
  •  It shows a definite purpose and direction, and secures mental discipline as well as information.
  • It shows a definite line of thought, gives ideas before reasoning, and does not leave what is learned a jumble of more or less important fragments.
  •  It concentrates, vivifies, and enforces the facts; and forms a foundation for further knowledge.
  •  It follows the path of least resistance, and allows no accumulation of difficulties.
  •  As far as it goes it substitutes clear, exact, and complete notions for those which are confused, indefinite, and partial.
  •  It distributes the work between teacher and taught, the excellence of the teaching being in proportion to the learning.
  •  It encourages self-effort, and trains the scholars to good habits of thought and work.
  •  It secures attention, and is given in an intelligent, pleasant, and natural manner.
  •  It is helpful, persuasive, suggestive, stimulating—the best ideas embodied in the best way.
  • It excites a love of what is true in knowledge and noble in conduct.
  •  It is stamped by the individuality of the teacher, and is the outcome of careful and thoughtful preparation.
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