50 things you can do at home

Nothing more than 50 things you can do at home now that I hope you are isolated by the Coronavirus. Because there are no excuses why you can’t keep yourself distracted.

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Days of uncertainty are approaching. And that uncertainty is what makes us debate when faced with doubts.

Life is divided into three times: present, past and future. Of these, the present is very brief; the future, doubtful; the past, true. Lucio Anneo Seneca.

These doubts generate a situation of stress and debate about what is going to happen. The Corona Virus crisis has lowered people’s thoughts to the utmost.

We should not blame ourselves. The uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to our lives or of not having previous experiences about it, causes us to find ourselves out of control.

The human mind does not escape the need to be in control of all situations.

Your responsibility is to understand that it is up to you to live in this space. No one else should overshadow this thought. It is clear that you will come across situations or actions over which you will not have control. Situations that will vary all your thoughts and vital spaces, although it is nothing more than that: situations beyond your control.

I pick up this quote in the article: Discover the place where the meaning of your life acts.


It is in these moments that the union of people has its greatest meaning.

The moment when keeping your thoughts entertained is a better proposition than leaving them at the expense of what may happen.

Therefore, I have to share 50 proposals to keep your mind entertained on the days when you must be at home.

50 things you can do at home while you pass the Corona Virus quarantine

Reading. 5 Books to read.

It is time to read. To find those forgotten books that can give us the opportunity to continue knowing and motivating our best actions and above all, thoughts.

These are my recommendations:

  1. Hello Creativity. My book. I have made the decision to offer free reading of my book for 5 days. So from today March 15 to 19 you can download it and start reading, for free. Link .
  2. Walden, Henry D. Thoreau. Last week I already posted a  summary on my blog . You can start with it and buy it later to enjoy a spectacular story.
  3. The University of Success, by Og Mandino. Like Walden, I recommend starting with the summary. Link
  4. Unlimited Power, by Tony Robbins. Over 450 pages of constant growth and inner work.
  5. Any book by Santiago Posteguillo. They will catch you if you like Roman history.

Online training. 5 Courses to start now.

Learn from experts directly from your computer. Believe me, I have already taken some courses and there are really spectacular teachers.

Usually, they are courses that focus more on practice than theory, so retraining yourself in these days of confinement can come in handy.

Within my recommendations I must share my 3 online courses. Basically I do it because for 3 days you can buy it at no cost.

It is my small contribution to all those who need some strength and knowledge in these difficult times that we have to live.

My recommendations:

  1. Creativity and Innovation for your disruptive business. My last course, on how to bring change and improvements to your life and business. Click on the title link and you can download it at no cost.
  2. How to be happy and discover your greatest passion. My course with more students. More than 7000. Click on the link to download it for free.
  3. Double your time and improve your productivity. Something that should have taught you already in school. Now download it for free and apply it for life.
  4. If you know English, you will love any Jimmy Naraine course. This is my recommendation. Link
  5. Also in English, Future Learn,  Innovation & Enterprise course. From the University of Bristol.

Personality tests and others.

  1. Personality test.
  2. VAK Test (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic).
  3. Creativity Test.

Listen to Podcasts

  1. Books for entrepreneurs.
  2. L’Ofici de Viure.
  3. Sales Machine.
  4. The Success Academy.
  5. The School of Greatness.

36 other things to do while you’re home

  1. Write something every day.
  2. Read articles on  Medium.
  3. Donate magazines.
  4. Give old DVDs that you will never listen to again.
  5. Do deep cleaning at home.
  6. Donate books that you no longer use or are interested in.
  7. Cleaning appliances you no longer use.
  8. Tighten those furniture screws that you haven’t done in a long time.
  9. Change that bulb you need to change.
  10. Fix what you should have done so long ago.
  11. Sew those garments that have long awaited your action.
  12. Create a spending plan and monitor them. Here I share a template that can go well for you.
  13. Start thinking about your next vacation and organize it.
  14. Take the opportunity to paint and express yourself.
  15. Perhaps meditation can start now.
  16. Stretching is a great option. I recommend this book.
  17. Talk to your partner or family.
  18. Call those people for whom you do not have time.
  19. Draw your logo. How would it be?
  20. Use  Bufferto prepare your next posts.
  21. Massage: your partner, your dog, yourself …
  22. Have tea.
  23. Network, take the opportunity to connect with new people online.
  24. Do physical exercises at home.
  25. Virtual Tour of the  British Museum.
  26. Virtual Tour  Guggenheim New York.
  27. Virtual Tour  Musee D’Orsay.
  28. ​​Virtual Tour  Pergamon Museum, Berlin.
  29. Virtual tour of  Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.
  30. Visit  Uffizi Gallery, Florence.
  31. Thank all the people who are doing their best to keep the population safe: health workers, police, pharmacists, shop assistants, journalists… if you see them, thank them for their efforts.
  32. Free 30 ‘coaching. For 7 days I open the opportunity to give you a free coaching session for 30 minutes at no cost. Book your best option  here.

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