Home Sweet Home Walkthrough

Home Sweet Home indie horror full walkthrough

Horror Home Sweet Homebegins with the main character named Tim waking up in a filthy student dorm room. Since he graduated from the university a long time ago, and besides, he lives in a spacious house with his wife, he has nothing special to do here, so we leave the premises. After passing a network of long corridors, at some point we will come out to a room with a radio turned on. We select the key from the curbstone and unlock the door with it, after which we continue to walk along the corridors, following a certain girl. Having overtaken her, we realize that we will not get help from her and it is better, in general, to go back. We run back to the door and, faced with an unexpected dead end, we run into a room that suddenly appeared behind us, where we are hiding in a locker. As soon as the danger is over, we continue our march along the corridors. Having reached the door, blocked by a chain, we turn to the right and, pulling up the rope,

Ultimately we will find ourselves at the living rooms. First of all, we need to get to the opposite end of the corridor, bypassing the obstacle, using the local layout of the premises. On the spot, we will find a passage boarded up by boards, so we go in search of scrap. We go into room number 104and we notice a hole leading to the next room, in the bathroom of which we, in fact, will find the instrument we need. Having unblocked the passage and after breaking through the narrow communications, we will soon reach the gate. We turn on the big red button, and when an evil Thai girl appears, we hide in the locker and wait for her to leave. Of course, the gates did not open, so the fuse was also broken, so we are going to look for a replacement. To do this, we go into the library and, bypassing the scurrying enemy, we get to the closet, where we select the required item from the table. Next, we insert the found fuse into the shield, turn on the red button again, and then we save ourselves from pursuit with all our might.

Thus, we find ourselves within the walls of our home. First of all, we inspect the rooms on the first floor, and then go up the stairs. Upstairs we get a task: to open the room of our wife, Jane. To do this, we go into the bedroom, where we notice behind the picture hanging above the bed, a map of the location of the key from the room. As it turns out, it is hidden in a bookshelf behind the TV cabinet on the first floor of the house (see screenshot).

After a short flashback, we examine the pages torn from the wife’s diary in the room, and then we go downstairs, where we climb back into the closet under the stairs. Having overcome the next communications, we suddenly find ourselves in a house of oriental design. At the end of the corridor, we notice a door in the floor, closed with a combination lock.

We will find a combination to it in the room, the entrance to which is located between the photographs. The code itself is depicted in the form of multi-colored notches that are painted on the wall near the cabinet. We count the number of strokes of each color separately and compare them with the position on the lock using the drawn colored squares.

Note : in this game, the numbers associated with solving such mathematical puzzles are generated randomly.

Having unlocked the door, we continue to methodically follow the linear corridors. At some point we will come to a dead end (to a room with a balcony). To overcome it, we first try to open the door through which we entered, and then step to the balcony, where an entrance to the ventilation will appear in its place. After a couple of linear corridors, we will come out to the stairs. Climbing up it, we go into the room and along the way we face a new enemy, this time much more solid in size. The tactics of dealing with him, however, are quite simple: you just need to stay out of the light of his red eye. Therefore, at the first meeting, we hide behind the chest of drawers, and as soon as it turns away, we immediately run out into the corridor and continue towards the stairs. In the end, we will get to the roof, where the monster will naturally be waiting for us. Following the above tactics, we carefully overcome the roof and enter the building again. Going out to the stairs, we go down to the third floor. A note will be attached to the wall near the door (which we actually need) stating that the key to it is on the first floor of the police station. But there is a key from it, and it hangs next to the note, so, grabbing it, we go downstairs. As it turns out, the item you need is in the safe of one of the site employees (see screenshot).

The clue to the code is the picture shown under the table opposite the safe (see screenshot).

So what’s the point. The numbers that make up the correct code are located on the dial strictly above those indicated in the tooltip. If we consider the above screenshot as an example, then we find the number 90 on the dial, set it at the bottom center, and then carry out the same manipulations with the rest of the numbers.

Thus, we get the desired key. We return to the third floor, unlock the door and, seeing our wife in the distance, we follow her. So we will go to the floor where renovation work is underway. Here the object of interest to us is a small construction crane. We lower the hook to the floor below, and then we go down to it. Next, we hook up the hook to the box, go back up and pull the box up, thereby clearing the way to the door we need. Soon we will again face a huge monster, where we again have to play cat and mouse with him. However, when we get into a kind of assembly hall, we still have to fight back.

So, to defeat the monster, we need to get certain items at the location and place them on the table that stands in the center of the room. The first item (matches) we will meet on the way, so do not miss it. The second (huge dumpling) lies against the right wall relative to the center of the room (perspective on the table), and the third (candle) is located in the closet in a separate room (see screenshot).

Having obtained the last item, the monster will block the road back, so we will need to find another way to get back to the hall. To do this, first of all, we select the screwdriver that lies on the floor near the beer bottles and pull out the boards boarded up on the left side of the door. Then we carefully make our way to the table and, having laid the gifts, we wait for the monster to leave, after which we overcome the dark long corridor with peace of mind and eventually reach our home.

Unfortunately, this time the interior of the house does not even look cozy. Well, first of all we go into the bedroom on the second floor, where under the DVD-player we find another page of the diary. Next, we step into the kitchen and find there a piece of a mysterious photograph that will lie under the bottle, which will soon fall to the floor. After that, the TV will suddenly turn on and a countdown will start on the screen. Then we return to the bedroom again and go into the bathroom, after which we go downstairs again. A little later, the door to Jane’s office will open. There we will find another diary page. Then we go upstairs again and go now into Jane’s room, where a flashback will follow. Upon completion, a bloody trail will appear on the floor, which leads to the bathroom in the bedroom. Well, there another teleport awaits us, which will take the hero into another nightmare.

Once again, finding ourselves in the dirty dark walls, we begin to move forward. At some point, we will go out into the middle of a long corridor, where we go into the second nearest door on the left side. Going into the next room, we will meet again with an old friend, from whom, as usual, we are hiding in a locker. However, after we leave it, the situation will change somewhat, acquiring the appearance of a university building. First of all, we approach the door, behind which we notice our wife. We have to open them. By pulling the handle, we will receive a rusty key to this door, which will need to be cleaned in the chemical laboratory, which is located on the floor above. Entering there through the only open door, we find ourselves in an auditorium, where at the far wall we pay attention to a cabinet with chemicals. A little later we have to return to it. The next door will lead us to the right place. Having passed to the end of the room, where the laboratory chemical stand is located, our presence will suddenly be declassified by a certain ghost, whose terrible cry will attract a familiar girl with a knife. From now on, the annoying friend will become our almost constant companion, so it’s worth talking about the tricks of dealing with her. If the enemy noticed us, and then burst out with a wild scream, then the only chance to get away from pursuit is to hide in a locker until they see us. If we can’t get in there unnoticed, then we let the enemy pounce on us and perform a simple QTE, which will disorient him for a while. an eerie scream which will attract a familiar girl with a knife. From now on, the annoying friend will become our almost constant companion, so it’s worth talking about the tricks of dealing with her. If the enemy noticed us, and then burst out with a wild scream, then the only chance to get away from pursuit is to hide in a locker until they see us. If we can’t get in there unnoticed, then we let the enemy pounce on us and perform a simple QTE, which will disorient him for a while. an eerie scream which will attract a familiar girl with a knife. From now on, the annoying friend will become our almost constant companion, so it’s worth talking about the tricks of dealing with her. If the enemy noticed us, and then burst out with a wild scream, then the only chance to get away from pursuit is to hide in a locker until they see us. If we can’t get in there unnoticed, then we let the enemy pounce on us and perform a simple QTE, which will disorient him for a while.

So, having successfully bypassed the enemy and calmly reached the stand, we find that among the placed chemicals there is no oxalic acid we need ( oxalic ). We, in fact, find it in the cabinet mentioned above, the key from which will lie on the shelf above the stand. Returning to the stand, add the necessary substances in accordance with the drawing on the board and thus obtain a working key.

Ultimately we will go out into a long corridor, at the end of which we will again see Jane behind the door. Locked on a card key this time. Judging by the note that is attached near the door, we can find it in the waiting room on the second floor. To get there, you must first turn on the power to the elevator. To do this, we step along the corridor to the left until it stops, where we notice a closet illuminated by a red lamp. We pull the switch on the spot, and then we step to the elevator, bypassing the scurrying enemy. Leaving the elevator on the second floor, we turn left and go to the far door, to which a bloody trail leads. Finding ourselves in another long corridor with numerous rooms, we are looking for the office we need (located on the left side right after the lockers). In the office we find a computer, where the instructions for activating the card will be displayed on the screen. First of all, we read the note, which contains the password hint (the first and last digits are shown). Next, we look at the document, where, by comparing the numbers from the note, we find the appropriate password (ID Number ). And finally, we enter it into the activator, after which we take the working card and go back to the third floor.

A rather difficult game stage awaits us outside the door. Objective: to get to the right door, not only bypassing the girl with the knife, but also without catching the eye of the ghosts, acting as alarms, which inform the maniac about our location. Well, we go in the corridor to the door to the left and notice a ghost patrol in the window (see screenshot).

We select a scented candle from the table and place it in the pot that is in the room opposite. Thus, we deactivate the ghost, which will provide us with free passage further. Once in the training laboratory, we go around the tables and slip through the door, facing which is another ghost. Then we turn left and go into the utility room, where we find incense, with which we turn off the ghost (see screenshot).


Thus, the passage forward will be free. Ultimately we will find ourselves, believe it not, in the corridor. We go to its end and go into the locker room, after which we will be teleported to a familiar hostel. By analogy with the level from the beginning of the game, we need to get to the end of the corridor. However, this time the saving door will be blocked by strange threads, from which we have to get rid of. To do this, at the location you need to find and extinguish three candles, one of which is located next to the door. Next, we select the scrap that lies nearby, and the first thing we do is go to room 103 . On the spot, we approach the bathroom and through the gap between the door and the wall we drag the key to us. Then we go into the room opposite ( No. 109 ), where we find the second candle. Finally, we will find the last candle in the roomNo. 102 , which we unlock with the found key.

A small door this time will lead us to the fine art corps. Having reached its hall, we need to find three leaves with a mysterious symbol on the spot, so that, putting them together, a three-digit code from the door we need is formed (see screenshots).

After some time and a couple of corridors, we will come out into the hall of the fourth floor. We go to the elevator, and then we go down to the second floor. At the exit, we notice how our wife once again runs away from us, simultaneously locking the door behind her. Of course, we have to open it. Like last time, red threads block her. So, first of all, we go to room 11203 , which is in the corridor to the right. On the spot we will find the key to class 11201 . Having reached there, we select another key from the table, this time from the audience number 11306, and at the same time draw attention to an unusual art installation with skulls, which actually appears as a portal. However, we will use it a little later. Now we go to the third floor, where we go into room number 11306. There we will find the first candle. After we return to the portal and first interact with the rightmost skull. Thus, we again find ourselves on the location with a ghost patrol. The task here is similar: using incense, bypass the poltergeists and get to the desired door (see screenshot), the key from which we select from the table near the portal.

Returning back to the portal, we again activate the far right skull. Having moved, we select another key next to it and go out into the corridor, where we get to room number 8118… Here we again have to bypass opponents, getting to the last candle, which is located in the nearest corner on the right side relative to the entrance. Well, after extinguishing all the candles, we return to the doors of the second floor, behind which the final meeting with a Thai girl will await us. So, first of all, we go to the far corner of the room, where at the altar with the skulls we find a bottle of holy water, and at the altar standing next to us – a hacksaw. Having on hand all the necessary items, we step to the doors, blocked by a bent metal bar. Objective: to cut the rod with the found hacksaw, simultaneously fighting off enemy attacks. The traps, so well placed throughout the location, are called to help in the second part of the plan. Having sprinkled the threads with holy water, a column of light will fall from the ceiling, entering into which the possessed one will disappear for a while.

After the rod is sawn, we have to take part in a rather slow chase and a very long run along the dark linear corridor, which will lead us home again. On the spot we go to the kitchen and find a stepladder behind the refrigerator. We install it near the closet in the bedroom on the second floor, climb up it and take out the box, after which Jane will suddenly be given to us under control. Taking control of the protagonist’s wife, we will have to overcome the next narrow corridors. No mysteries are foreseen here, therefore, no difficulties should arise. This will be followed by a cut-scene, the finale of which will inform about the imminent release of the continuation in plain text. Completed the game.


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