Things you can do with Google Docs and you didn’t know

Google Docs is ready to do everything with your documents. But there are some hidden functions like watermark, index or form.

Thanks to Google Docs you can  open, view and edit documents  from your browser, connected to the internet. Nothing to install programs on your computer. Yes, instead, on your mobile devices. And the best of all is that it  is free and includes free space  to save your documents and files in general.

With Google Documents you can do everything, without envying Microsoft Word: numbered lists, insert images, create tables, set margins, add a watermark, insert a form, make an index …

Many of the tasks that you can do with Google Docs are in plain sight . Others, on the other hand, are seen little. Or you may not have noticed them and they save the day by  improving your document  or making it more professional. We propose three examples to make your Google Documents look better.

Create an index of a document

A classic of office automation is the index. With it we can  order a large document  and know which page each content is on. The point is that any office automation tool worth its salt has to be able to  automatically create an index  for a document.

The  automatic index  of Google Docs will save time and improve the look of your multi – page documents. In addition, it is very easy to create it and you can edit it if something does not add up.

With your document open, click  where you want to insert  the table of contents. It is usually after the cover, although you can also place it at the end of the document. Then tap  Insert> Index . You just have to choose a format from those suggested by Google Docs. The first is the  classic  numbered index . The second  links to the titles  so that you can move faster within the document.

If you don’t like the result, you can right-click on it and click  Remove Index . If you make any changes to the titles that are part of the index,  the changes will be seen in the index  after you update the document.

Insert a watermark with Google Docs

A watermark is an image or text that appears in the middle of a  photo, video, or document . Its purpose is to  highlight the authorship  of a certain company, brand or person. Thus, if someone spreads that content, the author will appear anyway.

Officially, Google Docs does not have a watermark feature, but if you think about it, the watermark is still  an image or text . And in Google Docs you can insert images and text with ease.

From the Insert menu   we go to  Image . There are several options to choose from, although in this case you probably have your own image, a logo to insert. Once the image has been added to the document, in  Text Adjustment  we mark the option  Behind the text . In  Settings  you can adjust the transparency so that the image does not prevent reading the text. Regarding the size and position of the image, you can do it by hand or go to  Position , in  Image Options . There, for example, you should check the option  Fixed position on the page .

If instead of an image you prefer to add a watermark in the form of text, you will have to do the same. But for this you will have to go to  Insert> Drawing  and then click on  Text Box . With this option you can write a word or phrase, give it a size, font, font color and background color.

Make sure they are soft colors so as not to impede the reading of the main text of the document. Note that when inserting a drawing in the original Google Docs document, you will not be able to edit the transparency . You can also rotate the text so that the watermark appears from corner to corner, diagonally.

Once you have finished the drawing, click on  Save and close  and it will appear in the original document. There you can place it where you want, change its size and fix it regardless of the text.

To prevent someone from removing the watermark, you have several options. The most obvious, print the document or distribute it in PDF format. Another option is to make it easier for others to  see the document but not edit it .

Make a form or survey

Technically, Google Docs does not allow you to do a form or survey . But if you open the tool list Documents associated with Google, one of the most recent is called precisely  Forms Google  or  Google Forms  in English.

With this tool you can  create in minutes a form, survey  or any type of document with which you want to ask someone something and manage the responses. You can use it with your friends, family, co-workers, clients, classmates, students …

As with Google Docs, you can start from scratch or go to the help of one of the available templates. This way it will be easier for you to know everything you can do. For example, you have  different types of questions  to get concrete answers. Short answer, paragraph, several options …

You can also  put a time limit  so that whoever receives the form responds as soon as possible. For the rest, the form that you create with this tool supports, in addition to text, images and YouTube videos.


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