7 keys that lead you to discover how to be your best self

Have you ever wondered how to be your best self ? If throughout your life you have not done them yet pay attention to these 7 essential keys to discover it and live to your maximum of happiness.

You are not busy enough to answer.

Often times, that ” I don’t have time ” is a justification for not knowing how to say NO. At other times, it’s worse: you literally don’t feel like it.

In the end, saying ” I don’t have time ” seems like it works. It feels good to say that you are busy!

Keep in mind that this pattern of justification is not only bad for the person waiting for your answer, but it is bad for you because if a belief and constant use comes from there, it can lead to a routine.

Creating this negative habit and turning it into a routine can lead to loss of effectiveness, value, or even happiness.

Next time , learn to Say NO.

It’s more simple. Faster and more effective. Say No, when at that moment you cannot answer, but answer and if you can do it instantly.

Don’t be interesting. Sooner or later, it will have a negative impact. The worst thing is that it affects your life.

Do you think a boss is attracted to being told: I don’t have time for this? 

The boss wants results, and you do your job in a productive way, he doesn’t want you to complain. In the end, those who complain are the least important to the company and can most easily be replaced.

2 – Your best ME you have it well saved.

All you need is to know where it is.

Sometimes, you get carried away by routine or the usual. It’s good to have that person behind you ask if that’s what you want.

Having that coach, who makes you doubt, who makes you think and above all who makes you act to achieve your best SELF.

Having that moment of doubt, it is important to be aware of what is important to you.

Without a doubt, it will also be decisive to be firm in your convictions and values, as others will try to lead you according to their own ideals. It is up to you to decide whether you should say no, or you can live without it being important to you. As long as it’s from the heart …

3 – Not everyone will like you.

Forget. You must have haters in your life.

If on more than one occasion you don’t even like yourself, how do you intend to like everyone?

I’m sure it’s not what you want either. Don’t you prefer to have emotions?

What do you prefer to please others or like yourself? What do you spend the most thoughts on?

There will always be someone you don’t like. Often times, it is nothing personal but could be due to rumors, a bad day, differences in values ​​…

After all, you must like yourself and if you can help and make others happy, all the better. Stop expecting everyone to like you, first pretend to like yourself, and you’ll see how that will be enough.

4 – The world owes you nothing.

Who have you tied?

Maybe you think you are the smartest person in your company, the kindest person, the most important person… but what good is it when you don’t apply it to your work?

I suppose you have already wondered what your company expects of you. Do not think so often what you do for her, ask yourself what she needs from you.

Do you know what is a common pattern of happy people, of successful people?

When they have the same options as you and me, they are clear about which one to take.

They have two options: either they spend their lives feeling sorry for them, complaining or justifying themselves, or they take the most direct route: they go for what is theirs giving the maximum of their possibilities, regardless of whether they achieve it or not.

For them, every day is a great opportunity to advance towards their excellence, to be better.

5 – The “I don’t have” is stronger than the “I have everything I deserve”.

I always remember Iván when someone tells me they don’t have time.

For 12 years we worked together and he insisted that he did not have time. Before having her children she no longer had time for anything, but having them was her most valid justification.

I never denied that I did not have a job, and there was not a day that I did not work hard and well, but more than once I thought about everything I could do and be what I worked with, if I did not have that mentality of justification, of looking good for being busy.

And you can spend your whole life complaining and justifying yourself that you lack time, money, strength, intelligence … to do the things you really want.

Maybe you are right! Although, what good is it?

The harsh reality is that everyone in the world has at least one good excuse for not fighting for what we want so much.

We lose our words! We prefer to complain.

And that is something inconceivable for people who achieve their dreams. They don’t even wonder if they have the time or the money. They just find a way to do what they want. Only that.

They are not interested in knowing their limits at all, they prefer to know their objective and dedicate it to it. In the end, the complaint is nothing more than this:

  • A great source of not-doing.

Using a complaint is not going to improve your current situation.

It will ensure that you do not go to the source of your improvement, to the channel that can take you on the path of your dreams, the complaint will help you to do nothing but justify yourself in front of others.

Complaining will give you great value to feel good in the eyes of others and it takes everything away from you in your own progression.

Choose who you want to feel better against. And remember that you exist.

6 – It is the actions that define you, not your ideas.

You can be a really special person. That one of so many good ideas, with such a pure thought, with that great passion to help others … but if you reduce yourself to that, it is useless.

I tell you from experience that if you do not accelerate doing after thinking, you still have nothing.

You will look great when you talk to others about your ideas and see the innovation in yourself.

You can feel proud when you see how someone has launched “your desired product”. The one you imagined but will never go beyond that.

From that moment in which you keep thinking about how good you are but you don’t feel everything you’ve done.

Having good intentions is wonderful, although complementing them with actions is excellence. 

Do not stay in the thought, do the next step. Make.

Remember that your character, your person, is determined by what you do not by what you think.

7 – Your prince charming does not exist.

He’s long gone. Or maybe it never existed.

And we all want to believe that the person we wait so much for is going to arrive soon, that the luck that we deserve so much is just around the corner.

Life doesn’t work like that. If you want to change something, you have to do your part. Stop waiting and start acting.

It will be you. The prince charming that you wait so long is you.

Although you are also the evil one who has you locked up in his castle. All you have to do is find the key to be free and start walking where you want to go.

If someone has to save your life, it will be you. Prince Charming never existed outside, he is always in you.


by Abdullah Sam
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