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Life is not a path that is built so that your steps stay on it and your possibilities of knowing how you can be more creative should not be limited to reading this article. In any case, with this enjoyable reading, you can have a closer chance of improving your ability to be more creative.

Schopenhauer said that ” creativity is the artist’s ability to lose himself in his work .”

For many geniuses and creative people that is the big trick. The great way if you don’t know how to be more creative.

Not even for this step you need to be clear if you were born being creative or not.

In fact, in this article that I wrote recently, I already mention the study that was carried out and that ended up confirming that creativity is lost over time, although 98% of people are born being creative.

Creative kids. Creativity in education

So the first trick to be creative is related to children. Do you want to be more creative?

Learn not to use filters and not to judge. It just flows.

Choose thought to be more creative

There are two thoughts associated with creativity: divergent and convergent.

Divergent thinking is one that is capable of finding different solutions to a problem.

Convergent thinking focuses on solving problems with a single solution.

This is a great example of convergent thinking. Faced with a series of problems, a single solution was worked on. As of 1’16, the need to find a solution that would save Apollo XIII from a great problem is reflected.

The NASA team worked to just find a solution to that problem. At that time there was no possibility of looking for other alternatives, which would lead to divergent thinking. There was only one solution and they found it.

Divergent thinking is the usual way of working on a creative process through brainstorming, or brainstorming. Through this mode, the participants propose – always without entering into judging or evaluating – how many possible options there are.

So the convergent mode only works on a chosen idea to bring it to the desired goal.

My advice. The next time you consider working on a creative concept, the first thing to do is focus on what kind of thoughts you are going to dedicate your efforts to. On different ideas through divergent thinking or you will focus only on one with convergent thinking.

Creativity is often associated with brainstorming processes but it should not be overlooked that in the end there is only one specific objective. The fact that there are many ideas or only one should not prevent you from achieving the only objective. Focus on the type of thinking required.

I advise you to read this article that I wrote a while ago:

6 thinking hats and learn to be more creative

Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats are a great technique to bring meaning and action to your most creative ideas. Image from Unsplash

In his book 6 Thinking Hats , Edward de Bono wrote a really very special technique through which to work creative processes.

Thinking about the last article on how to bring creativity in school, I think it would be a great exercise to give children a practice with these different hats.

The good thing about this technique is that we will use it for both convergent and divergent thoughts.

It is about dividing the session into 6 types of groups and each one is assigned a hat.

Once these hats are confirmed, each team will focus on working towards the end goal based on the characteristics of their hat.

The 6 Edward de Bono hat:

  • The white hat. Look for facts and data. On many occasions, it is the hat that works initially as it is the one that generates the first relevant information to initiate subsequent discussions and proposals.
  • The yellow hat. This hat is the one with the smile because it is often associated with a yellow color. It is about seeing the positive side of the proposal. It focuses on the positive. What’s so great about that idea?
  • The red hat. The emotional. He is the one who unleashes the passions. You wonder how the user will react if they do not understand the product or the concept.
  • The green hat. This is the creative hat because the trials are unleashed. Through the previous hats you ask yourself what solutions can be given. The moment to generate proposals.
  • The black hat. It serves to get out of the previous climate of trust and get into a negative position. You must state what problems there are or will be with the solution. It is convenient to wear this hat at the end because if you use it at the beginning you run the risk of losing control of the session due to distrust or disinterest in ruining the solution. It should serve to find problems, and with it solutions will come out.
  • The blue hat. It is that of balance. I like to think that it is the blue of the sea. The sea is always in motion but most of its time in balance. Here you set objectives, new situations and define the problem you are going to solve. A common action plan is then raised on this hat.

Bonus: How do creative people fuel their creativity?

Image from Unsplash

I have always been a curious person although this is becoming increasingly accentuated.

Not long ago I wondered what I had done to make me more creative in my 30s than 40s than in earlier times.

Valuing the passage of my life, I believe that today I am not only more interested in how I can become more creative but also in applying it.

I found the answer in the form of a sentence:

I went crazy, with long intervals of horrible sanity. Edgar Allan Poe

The phrase was most curious to me. That made me want to learn what things creative people had in common.

I found in some article that I did not save (I cannot mention the source), that creative people have this common trait:

They have high levels of Alpha activity.


Alpha activity is represented in creative people with 2 important characteristics: relaxation and being ready for anything.

Be ready for anything

Leonardo Da Vinci was often accused of wasting time lying in bed. He claimed that if he didn’t, he didn’t do his job.

In the case of creative people, their productivity is not associated with a specific schedule but flows in the face of non-limitations.

The less you limit the time, place or tasks of a creative person, the better their work will be. Because the creative needs relaxation to let go.

Once it flows, it will be a tsunami of work that not even time will be able to block.


But there is still more. Creativity is also fueled by meditation.

More and more, meditation or mindfulness is being talked about as an activity aimed at helping you be more productive or creative.

In the end, what it offers is a state of relaxation and that links a flow of the opportunities that you focus on.

Hence the response to Leonardo da Vinci when they accused him of being lazy. In his academy there were great painters and geniuses. Great painters could spend long hours and days finishing a perfect work. Geniuses were going to need to let their creations flow regardless of time or calendar.


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