How to disable ‘call alerts’ in Google Home when you are away from home?

The Google Home application has many functions that will help you when you use it. Since it can help you with the configuration of speakers, lamps, cameras, televisions and the different devices that are compatible with this app.

You can also set it to turn notifications on the screen on or off . As well as the call alerts you receive when you are not at home.  However, today we will show you how you can disable this option.

How to disable ‘call alerts’ in GOOGLE HOME when you are away from home?

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  1. What happens if Google Home call alerts are disabled?
  2. How does call alerts work on Google Home?
  3. How to remove spam call alerts?
  4. What to do if you don’t see the Google Home option for call alerts?
  5. How to prevent calls from being heard on Google Home speakers?

What happens if Google Home call alerts are disabled?

It is necessary that when you leave the house you deactivate the call alerts . Since when these notifications start to sound there will be no one to answer it. This is the only bad thing that can happen when you disable this option.

With the many features this app has, you can even tell Google Home to call a contact on your list. This is an easier way to make a call , without having to search your phone for the contact.

How does call alerts work on Google Home?

When you start to use this device, it is always good that you know all the functions that it offers you . Because Google Home allows you to connect through the phone with the application.

With it you will be able to manage call alerts more effectively. Because you are going to receive them on the different devices that are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. As well as the applications that are compatible and that are linked to Google Home.

How to remove spam call alerts?

  1. You must first open the ‘Google Home’ settings for calls.
  2. Then on your phone you will open the ‘Google Home’ application.
  3. Then you will select the option ‘Voice and video calls’. Then select where it says ‘Device and call settings, select ‘Set up’.
  4. In this way, you are going to deactivate calls in Google Home, and when you return to your house this option will be activated automatically.

Also with Google Home you can tell it to play a podcast to listen to it, this is a very feasible option. Because Google Home is controlled by voice and this makes it much easier for you to interact with this device so that it can carry out any activity.

What to do if you don’t see the Google Home option for call alerts?

It is a very rare case if you do not get to see the call alerts option. Because this is an option that is easily found in the Google Home settings . Since that is where you will control everything that refers to calls. In case you want to activate them, deactivate them or configure any element that has to do with them.

However, if you do not get this option, one of the recommendations is that you restart the device. In this way you go back into the configuration to see if it appears. If the problem still persists, you can do a factory reset. If this doesn’t work either, you should already take it to a technical support and have them solve the problem.

How to prevent calls from being heard on Google Home speakers?

With the new updates that Google Home has had, you can configure it so that alert calls only sound when you are at home.  The creators of Google Home always care about users and handling with the device, so you can configure it from your Android or iOS phone.

Also with this update, the device will use your presence and indicate when call alerts are active . Also when you are at home to know if you can attend to it or not. To activate this option, follow these steps:

  1. First you must go to the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. Then select the ‘Calls and video calls’ option.
  3. Later, to activate this option, you are going to press on ‘Sound only when you are at home’, press on accept and in this way this option will be active.

As you can see, in a simple way you can have your home protected by disabling the notifications of calls that enter your Google Home. So put this guide into practice for your own benefit.

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