How to solve when a Meizu mobile does not show alerts

When a Meizu mobile device does not show notifications or alerts , it is annoying for people, since when you open the application, you realize that you may have messages or different types of notifications that arrived on the phone long after receiving them.

By presenting this type of problem, you will only be able to notice these notifications when you open the application . This is a fault that usually happens in Meizu cell phones. Here you will see the solution to fix the notification problem on a Meizu mobile.

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  1. Why do Meizu mobile devices have problems displaying notifications?
    1. The customization layer
    2. background apps
  2. How to solve if a Meizu cell phone does not show notifications?
    1. disable twelve
    2. Uninstall memory managers
    3. Turn off battery saver

Why do Meizu mobile devices have problems displaying notifications?

You must be careful when using the phone so as not to saturate with so much data. Due to details like these, your mobile does not display notifications properly, in which the most common and the ones that usually cause this problem is the section of the personalization layer, which, having many effects or types of personalization, affects your mobile.

Another thing that causes this problem is leaving applications in the background by not closing them completely. In other words, using more and more different applications and leaving them running in the background without closing them has consequences that affect the performance of your mobile.

The customization layer

The advantage of having an Android is the vast majority of customizations that it allows you to do. There is a wide variety of customization boxes where you can adapt the Meizu mobile device to your preference, making it consume a lot of RAM.


So many effects or transitions affects the performance of your phone. In order to solve this problem, what you should do is clear the cache of your Launcher customization box or theme which you are using for your customization, you can do it correctly in the following way:

  1. The first thing you should do is go to ‘Settings’ and then look for the section that says ‘Applications’.
  2. Find and click on the corresponding application. Then, in its properties click on the option ‘Clear cache’.
  3. If this doesn’t work you will need to uninstall and reinstallyour customization box.
  4. Also another option is to check that your customization is not blocking your alerts or notifications. This solution must be carried out or verified by the settings of your personalization box or launcher in the notifications section.

background apps

As said before, leaving apps in the background affects phone performance. This problem increases with the customization box, since it will always be occupying RAM memory, causing your phone to become saturated with these two things together.

To solve the background applications section, you must access the section where all your previously used ‘Open Tabs’ or ‘Applications’ are seen . Then, click on ‘Clear all’ or slide one by one until none appears, and with this you will free up the device’s RAM and you will be able to receive notifications or alerts from the Meizu mobile normally.

How to solve if a Meizu cell phone does not show notifications?

If you still do not get the expected results with the previous solutions to fix the notification problem, here are some additional methods to start receiving Meizu cell phone alerts correctly .

disable twelve

The Meizu mobile has an application installed that has the ‘Doze mode’ which consists of controlling and optimizing your applications when you are not using the phone. However, when in hibernation mode, you cannot completely disable hibernation mode.

However, what you can do is disable a specific application where the ‘Doze mode’ is working, and this is the reason why the mobile does not receive notification messages. You need to know which apps are experiencing this issue in order to disable ‘Doze’ in that app . To achieve this, follow these instructions:

  1. The first step will be to go to ‘Settings’ and then click on the ‘Battery’ option.
  2. In the upper right section of this section, click on the three pointsto display a hidden menu.
  3. Then tap on the ‘Battery optimization’ option. Next, tap on the top right of another hidden menu that says ‘All applications’.
  4. There you will have to look for the application that is not sending the notifications. Keep it selected for a few seconds and deactivate it by clicking on ‘Don’t optimize’.
  5. This disables ‘Doze mode’ in this app. To do it with another application, follow the same process again.

Uninstall memory managers

For this problem it is also necessary to know what memory manager you have and that it does not have settings that disable your notifications. The solution to avoid this problem due to these managers is to uninstall it by going to ‘Settings’ or ‘Settings’  and then ‘Applications’. Finally, find your manager and uninstall it.

Turn off battery saver

Another mode that phones have today is the ‘Battery Saver’ mode, which is activated automatically when the battery reaches a critical level or is sometimes activated manually. As its main function is to save the battery of the mobile , many features of the mobile where notifications are found are disabled to solve it.

To deactivate the ‘Battery Saver’ mode slide the top panel that includes this mode. You press it to deactivate it, if you don’t get it go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Battery’. In this section you will find a section that indicates ‘Disable power mode’, by disabling this option you will be done.


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