How to activate noise cancellation within Zoom?

Zoom is a video call application where you can make the best meetings easily and for free. You will even be able to cancel the background noises that cause your interaction to be interfered with. If you don’t know how to do this, you just have to keep reading, here we will explain how to activate Zoom noise cancellation.

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  1. What versions of Zoom support noise suppression?
  2. Types of noise cancellation in Zoom and their characteristics
    1. automatic suppression
    2. Medium noise cancellation
    3. Low noise cancellation
    4. High noise suppression
  3. How to enable noise cancellation in Zoom?

What versions of Zoom support noise suppression?

Background noise cancellation is only possible with the Zoom application for Windows and macOS computers with version 5.2.0 or later , if you do not have your application with these versions, the option to suppress background noise will not appear. noise.

Types of noise cancellation in Zoom and their characteristics

If you  have not had a problem installing  the application on your PC, you will be able to have several  noise cancellation options when you want to configure it, in this way you will be the one who chooses how the background noise will be used in your video call. If you want it to be automatic, with low, medium or high noise, these are the main characteristics of said cancellation:

automatic suppression

The automatic suppression is a way to set the noise cancellation so that it is the same application that decides what level it will be at , these are the main characteristics of said suppression:

  • This is a configuration which is default, that is, it will depend on the application itself, not on who is making the video call.
  • The reduction or application of noise will be exercised, depending on when the application believes it necessary, sometimes it will be helpful, but success in its results is not guaranteed. 
  • The noise block will be exercised depending on what the application hears, that is, if it detects it very loudly.
  • It is a varied noise suppression, it uses the rest of the suppressions, that is, it is all in one because you can place the high, low and medium noise.
  • If it finds the result of noise from a song or music of any kind it will not cancel it, it will continue to sound as it is without removing anything.

Medium noise cancellation

One of the options that you can place the external noise in the video call of the Zoom application in medium, with this option the noise will not be so low, but not so high, it is between low and high, the main characteristics of this level are the following:

  • Minimizes the noise of hitting a pen, that is, small noise. It can even remove the noise of an air conditioner or fan.
  • If you want to erase noises from your environment that are standard, click on this option, here you can eliminate them or even reduce them.

Low noise cancellation

Low noise cancellation will remove noise to a minimum, that is, little, it is not highly recommended if you have or are making a video call in an area with very high and varied noise tones . Here are the main features of this option:

  • It will remove or cancel the level of background noise that is only relevant, this will be low.
  • It won’t have much noise reduction, so if you’re looking for a lot of noise cancellationyou won’t find much.
  • If you want a noise canceling setting to block some music playback toggle on this. If this is the main feature, with it you can preserve the original sound, but blocking what is not necessary.
  • If you want to get more results from canceling music under you can go into advanced settingsand click on the option that says Activate Original sound.

High noise suppression

If you want to eliminate the total noise around you, this will be the best Suppression you can place, these are the main features:

  • Its aggressiveness with noise will be maximum and better than the others, it will not leave any type of noise for your video calls, and even the movement of a bag or the use of the keyboard.
  • This option will slightly increase the CPU utilization of your computer.

How to enable noise cancellation in Zoom?

There are noises outside that when making a video call on Zoom this is unnecessary and even annoying, they usually make them lose seriousness and even respect if you are doing a work meeting. These noises, as well as being unnecessary, may intervene in the video call and you will not hear the information, so you must enable the cancellation of these, following the following procedure:

  1. Enter your Zoom application with your computer, this is in case you have it downloaded, otherwise you must do it.
  2. Being in the application, you have to enter the data of  your account created on the platform.
  3. Now you must click on the option to make a new video call.
  4. Enter the contacts you want to enter in it.
  5. When you are already in the meeting process, you must click on the More option to enter the settings.
  6. Now in these you will be able to observe different options, click on the audio tab to start configuring your audio.
  7. Click on the option that will appear next which says Suppress Background Noise.
  8. When pressing this option, a series of lists will appear with the ways in which you can place your noise, these are:
  1. Click on the one that suits you best and press exit. The changes will not be saved, so in each new meeting from exercise this procedure to eliminate external noise that interrupts your video call.


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