How to remove noise from a video with Camtasia Studio

It is normal that when we record a video with our mobile phone or a camera, it has a background noise , which is the same environmental noise, and more so if the place where we record is very crowded and we do not have the necessary equipment to be able to filter them. In this case, video editing programs are used to precisely eliminate these background noises.

Camtasia Studio is one of the favorite programs for both professionals and amateurs in video editing and of course, it has a function to eliminate noise from a video.

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  1. How to remove noise from your video using Camtasia Studio?
    1. Remove background noise with the ‘Noise Removal’ feature
    2. Hide background noise
  2. How to add music or sound to a video to hide background noise?
    1. Export music from your computer
    2. Add music or preset ringtones in Camtasia Studio
  3. What is the best format to export a video in Camtasia without background noise?

How to remove noise from your video using Camtasia Studio?

You can download Camtasia Studio  from the internet or buy the disc along with the license to get the full program. Likewise, the function to remove noise from your videos will be available.

First of all, it is important that you identify what types of “noise” are in your multimedia file, since this depends on the method you are going to use. Buzzes or beeps are normal when recorded with a cell phone, this effect can be reduced until it is almost imperceptible if a microphone is used, such as the one in the headphones themselves; in the case of environmental sounds: the air, people talking, car engines and so on, it is not so simple.

Fortunately, Camtasia Studio has the options to deal with as the case may be, the first thing you should do is have your video on the PC where the program is located, since that is where you are going to work; then you will proceed to open Camtasia and you will import the video in question. From this point is that we will have the fork.

Remove background noise with the ‘Noise Removal’ feature

The first method we will talk about will be with the “ Enable noise removal ” function, which is the function to remove noise from the video. When you already have your imported video in the program, it will give you the option to change the resolution or not, you can do this right away or do it at the end; long-click your video and drag it to the timeline, then click on the “Audio” option and activate the box corresponding to the aforementioned function.

From the same timeline you can play the video. If you are already satisfied, then proceed to export your video , selecting the format with which it will come out, the resolution and the name. Many times it happens that Camtasia Studio gives an error and does not let you import the video , if this is the case, try uploading the video again, if not, transfer the file again from your mobile to your PC and if this does not work either, reinstall the Program.

Hide background noise

In the case of environmental noises, the aforementioned function will not be able to eliminate them completely, however, it is possible to “hide” them with some editing tools that Camtasia Studio itself has , which consists of raising or lowering the volume of some parts of the video to hide these noises.

This work is usually a bit more tedious, although it is also possible to add some audio and sound effects that hide these environmental noises. When you have finished, proceed to export your video as explained in the previous section; Please note that all your creations will have a badge, but it is possible to remove the watermark from a Camtasia video if you use the paid version instead of using the free version.

How to add music or sound to a video to hide background noise?

Continuing with the theme of background noises, we said that it is possible to hide them by adding music or sound effects , also by controlling the volume of some parts of the video. We have two options for this process viz.

Export music from your computer

The first way is to take some music that we have saved on our PC and export it within the video. For this you must also have your multimedia file imported into Camtasia Studio , once this is done you will choose the option to choose the music in question and place it on your video.

With this you will have some freedom to accommodate the audio, that is, to play in specific parts of the video and then mute, to play for the entire duration of the video and to accommodate the volume of the music .

Add music or preset ringtones in Camtasia Studio

If you don’t have music or any audio on your computer, don’t worry, Camtasia Studio also has a library with some copies that you can use and also accommodate them as you want to your video.

What is the best format to export a video in Camtasia without background noise?

When you have made all the adjustments to your video, touch save the file or project in Camtasia  and this is where the choice of format comes. The most recommended and highest quality format is .mp4, followed by .wmv and .mkv, the latter for FHD, HDR, 4K videos and others; In this sense, they are the best to prevent the final result from having some kind of background noise, this of course if you did the corresponding edition anyway.


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