How to activate the sound of the microphone in Zoom

Zoom is one of the platforms that has grown the most since the pandemic came into our lives . Virtually any meeting that couldn’t be held in person during the quarantine was done through Zoom.

To enter Zoom meetings , it is essential that you have a good microphone that allows others to hear you speak, but that you also know how to activate or configure it within the platform’s conference rooms. If you have to use Zoom soon, or if you have been using it without turning on your microphone, we will tell you how to unmute the microphone in Zoom. Are you ready? Go for it.

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  1. What can I do if the sound in Zoom does not work?
  2. Can I do an audio test in Zoom from my cell phone?
  3. How can I test Zoom audio from my PC?
    1. In and out of the conversation
  4. How to adjust the sound controls in Zoom?
    1. Eliminate background noise
    2. Increase volume level

What can I do if the sound in Zoom does not work?

When your sound in Zoom does not work you will have to verify certain things. The first thing to see is if you have the microphone muted in case you are in a meeting and the participants cannot hear you . If the microphone is muted, the microphone symbol will appear crossed out with a red stripe, to activate it you just have to press on the icon and that would be it.

If you are from your PC in a Zoom meeting and you cannot be heard, it would be good to verify which microphone the application recognizes, as it could be the case that the app picks up a microphone that does not work. In the event that happens to you, you just have to enter settings, go to the audio section and select the correct microphone.

Can I do an audio test in Zoom from my cell phone?

If you have created your Zoom account from your mobile and want to test the audio, you should know that so far it is not possible to do sound tests in Zoom from your phone , however, there are many applications both in the PlayStore and in the App Store that allow you to test your audio. There are even some mobiles that nowadays are capable of doing an audio test with the device’s own options (it is not necessary to download any app), so there are undoubtedly alternatives to check your audio.

How can I test Zoom audio from my PC?

Doing an audio test in Zoom from your computer is very simple. There are basically two methods; inside a meeting room and outside a meeting room.

In and out of the conversation

Once you have Zoom downloaded on your PC and you want to test the audio within a meeting, you will first have to turn on the microphone. When it is activated, click on the arrow next to the microphone and select the option “ Test speaker & microphone ”. There you will have the opportunity to check if your microphone is working correctly, and you can even test your PC speakers to see if you can hear the audio of the other meeting participants well.

If you want to test the Zoom audio before entering a meeting, what you have to do is enter the application settings (from the computer) . You go to the audio section and in the microphone section you can do the test. The application will ask you to make a small recording that will later be played back to you, allowing you to check how others are listening to you when you speak in Zoom.

How to adjust the sound controls in Zoom?

If you have a problem with the sound of other members of Zoom meetings , whether you hear them too low or too loud, or there is too much background noise, you should know that this has a solution.

Eliminate background noise

To eliminate background noise in Zoom you have to enter the platform from your computer. When you’re there, go to application settings and go to the audio section. Find the option to suppress background noise and select between the scale of “auto, low, medium, high”, depending on how much background audio you want to eliminate.

Increase volume level

To increase or decrease the volume of the audio in Zoom, what you must do is as easy as regulating the volume of your device . If you are on a computer, then go to the options bar and adjust the volume, and if you are from a mobile phone, lower or raise the sound with the buttons on the device.

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