How to Set Up Sound Alerts on Twitch


  • What is the Twitch Sound Alert Extension?
  • Can I earn more money if I use sound alerts?
  • How to Set Up Sound Alerts on Twitch
  • Can I use audio alerts if I’m not a partner?
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Many streamers use decks to play sound effects at the right moments. It makes sense – sound effects are often used to add a little extra appeal to a production, so it only makes sense that they are used (tastefully) during streams as well. Many streamers simply create a soundbar using their streaming decks to apply sound effects. Others, on the other hand, use services like Triggerfyre.

In some cases, streamers may want to hand over control to their viewers. For example, many streamers allow viewers to use their channel points to trigger an audio effect that plays on the stream at any given time. Other streamers, on the other hand, choose to monetize this opportunity using Twitch services and extensions such as sound alerts.

It’s true, sound alerts are a great way to monetize your broadcast, and here’s why.

What is the Twitch Sound Alert Extension?

Twitch Sound Alert Extension Page

Sound Alerts is a Twitch extension that allows your viewers to play – you guessed it – sound effects while streaming. It has become so popular and widespread on the platform that its creator, Altoar, has made millions from it. If you’ve read any of the information that surfaced during last year’s Twitch leak, you might know the Altoar name as one of the ten most profitable on the platform since 2019.

However, Sound Alerts actually offers a lot of features that make it a fun extension to use.

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  • The extension is configurable to a certain extent , which means that you can make the necessary Twitch companion panel more suitable for your brand. There are several panel design options, but unfortunately you are limited by what is available.
  • You can set your own prices ( bits or channel points) for sound alerts so you can monetize them – or make everything free if you prefer.
  • You can choose sounds from a huge library of user-created sound alerts OR upload your own.
  • You can get ahead of DMCA issues by making sure you only select copyright-free sound effects and audio clips for your panel. Viewers can only play the sounds you have selected for your panel.

There are additional types of warnings. For example, you can set new alert types when someone subscribes, donates, subscribes, etc.

There’s now also an overlay editor where you can create or edit visual animations, GIFs, and more that appear on your broadcast whenever an audio alert is played. You can use an editor or create your own and upload it. It’s now easier to make sure things match your stream’s branding.

Can I earn more money if I use sound alerts?

In a way, yes.

However, this additional income is not guaranteed .

What Sound Alerts can do for you is provide you with an additional source of income through which you can earn more money. How much you earn will depend on how well you promote this new feature on your channel and whether your viewers are willing to spend money on the prices you set.

If you’re wondering how much you can earn, the income distribution is 80/20. 80% goes to the streamer (you) , and 20% goes to sound alerts. This means that for every 100 bits (equivalent to $1) 80 bits ($0.80) are sent to you and 20 bits ($0.20) are sent to audio alerts.

If you click on sound alerts and remind your viewers that they are available, and if you create a fun library of sound effects that your viewers will love, you can potentially make more money.

How to Set Up Sound Alerts on Twitch

Setting up sound alerts on your channel is relatively easy. Do the following:

  • Go to and click the Dashboard link in the top right corner.
  • Click Sign in with Twitch , then enable sound alerts.

Click Authorize

This will take you to the toolbar shown below.

  • On the toolbar, go to setting up sound alerts through the ” Status ” field. Alternatively, you can click ” Settings ” in the navigation menu on the left.
  • Follow all instructions on the setup page. Luckily, Sound Alerts is set up to be easy for you to follow and the page itself will guide you through every step.

Once that’s done, you can start fiddling with overlays, sound effects, and more. You can even add managers like your most trusted mods or friends who can set up alerts for you.

You can also adjust other settings to help the extension work best by clicking on the General tab as shown below.

Can I use audio alerts if I’m not a partner?

Short answer: yes. Even if you are not a partner, you can still use sound alerts and enjoy the benefits of the extension. But, there is a caveat.

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If you are not an affiliate, you cannot use the beats feature of this extension as viewers cannot donate beats to you. However, you can set Channel Points as the primary currency for your alerts.

This way, you can still give your viewers a fun way to interact with your content, even if you can’t make money from beats just yet.


As a streamer, you may find it beneficial to include a large number of potential sources of income in your production. This way, you will be able to increase your income enough to keep the flow going or gradually upgrade your hardware over time.

Sound alerts are a great way to not only add an additional source of income to your channel, but also provide your viewers with another interesting way to engage. Engagement is, after all, a huge part of broadcast success and one of the best ways to build a loyal community!


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