How to create my own space on Twitter?

Twitter social network is making changes and adding new features in it in order to get new users. One of the new functions are the spaces,  which allow the communication of one or more people with large masses.

As this function is new, there may be many doubts about its use, which is why today in this article we will give you basic and necessary data to use it.

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  1. Is Twitter Spaces activated on my account automatically or do I need to activate it?
  2. How to create my own space on Twitter?
    1. Who can speak in my space?
    2. Schedule my space for later
    3. people limit
  3. Why can’t I create Twitter spaces and how to fix it?
    1. The web version cannot create spaces
    2. Complaint about blocks

Is Twitter Spaces activated on my account automatically or do I need to activate it?

The Spaces of the Twitter social network are available to everyone who has a Twitter account and who has the updated version of the application. You do not have to activate this function, which means that to use it, you just have to apply the correct procedure. 

How to create my own space on Twitter?

As stated in the previous section, all users of the Twitter social network can create spaces. To achieve this creation, it will be enough for you to have basic knowledge of the Twitter social network and apply the following procedure:

  1. Open the Twitter app.
  2. Start by pressing the icon that has the form of a message, which has the name Compose, used to make publications on the social network.
  3. Among the open options is the Spaces option (it is new) click on it.
  4. On the new page you will be told that you must give a name to the spaceyou are creating, in addition you will also be given the space to place it, the name of the space must be closely related to the topic that you will expose in it.
  5. Select or place the date of the space, to do this press the calendar icon.
  6. Your space will have been created, you can proceed to invite other users, you can do it through a private message with the space link, you can also leave the link in your WhatsApp account or another social network.
  7. To invite other administrators, that is, coadmin, you must click on the figures icon found in the space section.
  8. When you have all the guests you can start the room, you just have to click on the microphone icon that is in the space section.

Who can speak in my space?

In the spaces of the social network Twitter they can only speak, the people determined by the creator of the room  can be a maximum of 13 people, to determine this action in them you must click on the icon of two figures, in the options that will be given you will find the one that allows you to speak to listeners.

You can also place as speakers those who are only listeners by pressing on their profile icon, because when you do this you will be shown the Allow to speak option , which when pressed will grant permission to speak to this user. It should be noted that these settings will only be valid for this space.

Schedule my space for later

In the social network Twitter you can schedule rooms 12 days in advance , the procedure for this is as follows:

  1. Sign in from your device to the Twitter app.
  2. Within the application look for the Compose option and click on it.
  3. In the open options look for the Space option and press it.
  4. In the new opened page put the name of the space you are creating.
  5. To place the date of the space you must press the icon that has the shape of a calendar on the open page.
  6. A new page will open, where you must enter the date you want for your space, remember that the maximum number of days in the program is 12.
  7. After you indicate the date of the space you can proceed to add users, for this you can do it through messages with the link of the room sent from the same account or leaving it in another social network. Invitations can be made at the time of creation or in any of the other 12 days.

people limit

All the spaces that are created in the aforementioned social network are Public, this means that all the people who wish to can enter it as listeners without the need to follow you on it , it is enough that they have a Twitter account and that is not restricted. Otherwise it will be necessary to unlock it from your device .

As speakers, if there is a limit of people there can only be 13, among these 13 permissions for the administrator and the coadmin are included.

Why can’t I create Twitter spaces and how to fix it?

If you are trying to create a space on Twitter and this social network does not allow it, it may be because your account is protected and this mode in the accounts does not allow you to create these spaces, however, you can enter them normally as well as take part.

But if what you want is to create a space you must remove the protection from the account , to achieve this you have to enter the privacy section of the account and deactivate the protection. The reason mentioned is not the only one, there are others that we will mention below:

The web version cannot create spaces

If you are trying to create a space on Twitter from its website or official platform , you will not be able to, because this function is not available at the moment for this version, to create these rooms you have to do it directly from your application.

Complaint about blocks

If you are sure that you do not have protected mode on Twitter   and when you try to create a space from the mobile application you are not allowed, it must be because there is an error in the application, the first thing you can do is delete it and start it again. install. In case you don’t get a solution, you should make a blocking claim directly on the Twitter help page.


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