How to permanently delete saved email history on Facebook

Currently, the Facebook platform has functions to save information about people who are connecting on a computer. To do this, new security policies have been implemented to save the information of users connected to this social network. But anyway, this can play against.

Whenever we connect from a mobile or from the computer, we can save the mail to use it again. In this way, you can keep a list of emails from people who have connected through any device. But it can be a bit inconvenient to have so many emails, and we can learn how to delete them with this guide.

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  1. Why is it so important to delete my email from the device where I logged into Facebook?
  2. How to clear history in ’email or phone’ field when logging into facebook?
    1. Delete them on Facebook for PC
    2. Delete them in the mobile app
  3. How to delete the ‘browsing data’ of the internet browser I use?

Why is it so important to delete my email from the device where I logged into Facebook?

With the new updates and changes that have been made to Facebook , we can make endless choices. In the same way that we can delete the search history on the social network , deleting the email from a device is an easy task. But how important can it be to delete email from a device other than mine?

It is worth mentioning that it is a procedure that must always be done on our part. Since another person can enter without your authorization, and see our personal information. The Facebook platform has an automatic save for users who connect from any computer , and it may save without knowing our password.

But as we read this article, we will learn the corresponding guidelines to be more cautious when accessing the Facebook social network on a computer that is not personal.

How to clear history in ’email or phone’ field when logging into facebook?

When we log into Facebook from any smart device, be it a computer or mobile device, the email or phone number will be saved . In a few words, the user that we use to enter said social network is saved.

This is a modality used by the platform applied in its most recent updates, to mobilize access to your income.

Delete them on Facebook for PC

From a computer, the task of deleting registered users is very easy. You will only have to exit the session you have started on the platform and you will see that user with your photo on the left. In your profile picture, you will see in the upper left corner, a cross, you will click to delete said account.   

Delete them in the mobile app

If we are logging in from the Facebook mobile app , we may remove this login information . First you must leave the social network, and go to the options by clicking on the three points of the account to be deleted. In this way, you will click on ‘Delete account’ so that you can get rid of it.

How to delete the ‘browsing data’ of the internet browser I use?

Many of the browsers save the browsing information that we do on the internet, such as emails and passwords. This may compromise the privacy and security information we have in the browser . Since it will be storing all cache data, cookies from the pages we are accessing.

An example of this is the Google Chrome browser, which saves all the browsing information you have in the history and even more so if we have it  accelerated and optimized on the computer . Without a doubt, it will allow you to save the data and passwords of all the users who have used this software on different social networks. This is how you can  see passwords that have asterisks in Chrome.

  • To clear browsing data in Google Chrome, you must go to Settings and select ‘Security and privacy’.
  • In this window you will see the option to ‘ Clear Browsing Data’. By clicking, you will be able to see the options available to you to delete this data.
  • Select the ones that seem most important to you and click delete.
  • In the AutoFill section, there will be the passwords that the browser has savedfor quick access. to web pages. You can click and see them, on the three dots and see the delete options.


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