How to remotely shutdown my PC using Command Prompt?

The shutdown system that Windows computers have is very easy to use. So that we can access just by going and entering the start of the computer. In this way, we will have the visible option to turn off the equipment in question.

But not only with the shutdown of the computer, Windows has already accustomed us to the fact that we can perform a function in different ways , to give the user more versatility when using the system.

How to shutdown my PC remotely using COMMAND PROMPT?

One of the most obvious cases is copying and pasting on a Chromebook , which we can do in different ways, and in the same way with the ‘computer shutdown order’ , which we can execute from the command prompt.

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  1. What data do I need to remotely shutdown a computer with CMD?
    1. The real name of the computer
    2. Your IP address
  2. How do we run CMD to shutdown a PC from another computer?
  3. CMD Shutdown Command Remote Shutdown Options
    1. The ‘r’ command
    2. With the command ‘a’
    3. Entering ‘tech-easy’

What data do I need to remotely shutdown a computer with CMD?

Before we proceed to shut down the computer, we need some data to do so. These factors will have a lot to do with when the computer is turned off remotely. In case of not having the corresponding data, the Computer will not follow the instructions that we are sending it and will execute another command at that moment.

The real name of the computer

One of the most valuable data that we must take into account is the real name of the user that we have on the computer. By this we mean that the data of the real name of the computer is relevant to execute the shutdown command.

Your IP address

Another piece of information that is very important is knowing the IP address of the computer. This is used more in places where computers are connected, and one of these is the administrator. To do this, you can search and know what is the local private LAN IP address of the computer .

What results is that each PC has a different IP address, none is the same. And according to this, you can place from a main computer, the IP of said computer that you want to shut down remotely.

How do we run CMD to shutdown a PC from another computer?

When we are in a network of computers, they are connected to each other. We can carry out, that one of the computers is turned off from another if we want it. Before doing this, you will have to locate yourself on the computer that has the role of Administrator. Since it is this is the one that will send the order to execute the remote shutdown.

If all these computers maintain a connection to the same network, it is much easier. To do this you will have to run the Command Prompt and in the command lines apply the command shutdown –m ‘Name of the PC’ . In this way, you will change the ‘name of the PC’, by the user name of the computer which you want to shut down.

But this is not the only way to do it. Since the new versions of the operating system of this brand, an example is Windows 10. They bring a system called ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ . With which we can enter, and place the name of the equipment that is on the same network, and it will be turning off remotely.

CMD Shutdown Command Remote Shutdown Options

When we use the lines of code from the command prompt or CMD. We can perform certain tasks that, through commands that you will write, that instruction will be executed. Like, for example, changing the password of the computer with CMD, is one of the factors and the functions that we can carry out.

You will need the ‘Shutdown’ command to do this. This causes the computer to shut down immediately and closes all the tabs you have open.

The ‘r’ command

One of the commands that we can use in the command prompt, is one to restart the computer. With the simple  ‘Shutdown’ command in conjunction with ‘/r’, you will be able to make the computer restart. Just run CMD on your computer and enter the ‘Shutdown /r’ command and the computer will automatically reboot.

With the command ‘a’

When you run CMD in order to make use of the commands  and use them to shut down the computer. For this  , the ‘Shutdown/s’ command is necessary in order to perform the shutdown remotely. But if in such a case, you no longer want to, you will be able to reverse this.

Entering ‘tech-easy’

We can make use of the previously explained commands, in a set of comments, to execute another type of command. This means that we can add a small tag to it that will be executed in a certain period of time established in CMD. To do so, you just have to put ‘shutdown /s /t 20’ .

With this command, you will be telling it to turn off after 20 seconds. This will be done after applying the command in CMD. Also, you have the option to increase the period to 40 or 60 minutes, putting the amount in said comment on the lines . In the event that it does not shut down, use the ‘shutdown /f’ command, this will force the system to shut down immediately.


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