50 Examples of Specific Adjectives

The especificativos adjectives specify a quality of the noun to the accompanying. This quality is what makes it possible to differentiate the noun from the rest. For example: I need a rectangular tablecloth. / I want to have a big party for the end of the year.

It is a type of adjective that you cannot do without since, if you remove it, the sentence loses its grammatical meaning. These adjectives can be placed before or after the noun.

Within the sentence, they function as a direct modifier of the nucleus of the subject or direct object. For example: The haunted house was empty. / They gave me a professional microphone . 

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Examples of sentences with specific adjectives

  1. Big dogs are my favorites.
  2. Tea is prepared with boiled water .
  3. His green eyes stunned me.
  4. The gray-haired man is my father.
  5. The folding chairs are for the terrace.
  6. The long silence worried her.
  7. My great-aunt is a lover of classical music .
  8. The freckled girl is my goddaughter.
  9. The white curtains are for my room.
  10. I don’t like Siamese cats .
  11. Her big hands intimidated him.
  12. The small table will be better in the living room.
  13. The imported perfume was given to me by my girlfriend.
  14. My new computer is doing fine.
  15. We will take the big tent .
  16. I’ll go buy a physical map at the bookstore.
  17. I need to drink cold water .
  18. The black umbrella is broken.
  19. Julian will go to the wedding in my favorite tie .
  20. Police novels are my favorites.
  21. I want to learn Mandarin Chinese .
  22. The actors will give interviews on the red carpet .
  23. Could you get me my new glasses ?
  24. I love English humor .
  25. The red car belongs to my uncle.
  26. I hate romantic movies .
  27. I will wear the long dress to the party .
  28. The large jar has homemade cookies .
  29. We will put a square flowerpot on the balcony.
  30. Leave dirty clothes in the basket.
  31. In music class we were taught to play the flute sweet .
  32. The red pills are for blood pressure.
  33. My father has a beard lock .
  34. The flowered dress suits you better .
  35. I prefer to drink red wine .
  36. Black shoes are very uncomfortable.
  37. Leave the round window open .
  38. The small teaspoons are for coffee.
  39. I would love to have a heated pool in my garden.
  40. The sauce has blue cheese .
  41. The small jasmine is still not blooming.
  42. My younger brother is going on an exchange to London.
  43. I’ll make myself some black tea .
  44. I am not very fond of alternative cinema .
  45. We will play country music at my party .
  46. You must park on the next block.
  47. I like pink polish better .
  48. I feel like having homemade lemonade .
  49. White wine is ideal to accompany this dish.
  50. The gray bird is a pigeon.


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