50 Examples of Relative Adjectives

The adjectives relative are those adjectives that provide information about the noun to which accompany and generally used before the word to which they refer.

The relative adjectives (or relative determiners) are: whose, whose, whose, whose, how much, how much, how many and how many.

For example: The student whose work won the contest missed the awards ceremony.

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Relative adjectives or relative pronouns?

A relative adjective can often be confused with relative  pronouns , but the difference is the way they affect the noun they accompany. The relative determinant how much , how much , how many and how many can be a pronoun, an adjective or an adverb depending on the case. However, they will act as relative adjectives whenever it precedes a noun. For example: The door from whose house the children had come was broken.

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Examples of relative adjectives

In the following examples, we will mark the relative adjective in bold and the noun they modify in underlined .

  1. The law contains the limit set for the crime committed, the most notable example of which is present here in this room.
  2. Once upon a time, there was a town whose name I don’t remember …
  3. The books, whose owner is Pablo are on the table
  4. I will write an essay whose sources I will mention at the end of it
  5. No matter what you think, I will resolve how much conflict arises
  6. Take as many cards as you can
  7. Buy as many houses as you can
  8. With María we will buy as many clothes as we can during this season
  9. That was a course whose path had no escape
  10. Candela had a brother whose name was Juan
  11. In that house, whose walls seemed to listen and talk, the secret conversation of the gangsters took place.
  12. There are toys that break, others whose materials are resistant and last much longer.
  13. The course I have to take to get to Patricia’s house, on whose path dozens of fruit trees were planted, is cut by snow
  14. It is important to indicate that the cast of actors for the new novel, whose protagonist is public knowledge, will be released next week
  15. Ricardo, whose son is my schoolmate, had a car accident today
  16. The fairy, from whose story we performed the musical for school, did not show up for rehearsal today.
  17. The girl, whose lines she knew very well for the exam, got an excellent grade.
  18. Jeremías, whose father always comes to pick him up at school, today left with his mother.
  19. The ship, whose rudder was broken, sank into the ocean.
  20. Think how much information we could compress digitally.
  21. Because of what Esther has told me, I do not agree with this law.
  22. We will plant as many trees as we can in this city!
  23. Passenger David, whose seat is 22, is in the airplane’s toilet.
  24. María and José, whose ship sailed to the high seas an hour ago, suffered a technical failure and will have to return to the coast to solve the problem.
  25. That information, whose sender we do not know, is not logical or convincing.
  26. Sofia, whose outfit is always quite cheerful, today was dressed in a dark gray color.
  27. Macarena, whose mother is called Rosa, did not come to school today.
  28. We are playing to take as many things as we can in one hand.
  29. Romina, whose exam was excellent, has tonsillitis today.
  30. The windows whose house we were talking about have bars.
  31. Hat whose owner is Alfredo, is in a drawer in his room.
  32. Time will tell how many friends
  33. Roll as many dice as you can to see if you are lucky this time.
  34. Buy today’s newspaper, the content of which is of great interest to you.
  35. The play, whose puppets we still have to buy, will be next week.
  36. My brothers, whose toys are scattered around the room, do not want to come to dinner
  37. Daniela, whose boyfriend ended the relationship with her this morning, will not appear at this meeting
  38. Carlos and Susana, whose children are studying in another country, will go on a trip the day after tomorrow
  39. The river that runs through the city, whose flow is abundant, has almost no water this season
  40. Collect as much money as you can, while you can.
  41. Sing as many songs as you can on this show.
  42. We will eat as much food as we can eat today.
  43. The school, whose park was under renovation, will allow the incorporation of children with physical and intellectual disabilities from the next school year.
  44. Tomás, whose younger brother was in the hospital, will come to my house today
  45. We will call as many clients as we can in 6 hours
  46. We will be attentive to how much word is said about it
  47. We will cut as many weeds as we see in the garden.
  48. Sabrina, whose son was kicked out of the basketball game today, is friends with my mom.
  49. Carlos, Victoria, and Juan, whose parents travel a lot, will not be coming to the school field trip.
  50. Monica, whose neighbor was admitted to a mental health facility, came to visit me today.
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